Another Detailed Report For Last Night's WWE Live Event In Abu Dhabi: Big Show Allowed To Wrestle

Another Detailed Report For Last Night's WWE Live Event In Abu Dhabi: Big Show Allowed To Wrestle
Thanks to reader Eissa Al Hashmi for sending in this report for last night's WWE live event in Abu Dhabi:

Final day at Abu Dhabi, happy to make it on the final day since I was really sick for the last two events (thanks to the guys who put the results for the 10/10 and 10/11). From what I heard and saw today, this was not as crowded as last year, and today almost 50% of the arena seats were empty. It can be either from the week-long public holiday where people tend to spend it outside the country or that the tickets are ridiculously priced (ringside tickets that I got cost around $600 per day while the cheapest were around $90).

Moving on, the show started with Justin Roberts welcoming us to the show along with Mike Chioda and announced Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan in a Fan's Choice Match (either 2 out 3 pinfalls or AD street fight).

Tag Team Match: Usos vs The Real Americans
Good back and forth tag team match. The highlight has got to be the Cesaro swing, as it looked way more impressive than on TV. Another highlight is Cesaro literally jumping over Swagger to deliver a standing double stomp, this move should done more on TV. The finish came when Jey (or Jimmy? I still get them confused) rolled up Jack Swagger who was busy applying the ankle lock on the other Uso. Good opening match.
Winner: The Usos

The second match was initially announced as an NXT title match, but later was changed due to Bo Dallas chickening out.

Sami Zayn vs. Bo Dallas
Sami came out and cut a promo in fluent Arabic (with a clear Syrian accent) which got a good pop from the crowd. Short match that the crowd was unfortunately not into due to the fact they probably don't watch NXT (I'm probably the only one in the building who knows about El Generico). Sami grabbed the win after hitting the high boot in the corner (which is one of the reasons why I miss the guy's old gimmick).
Winner: Sami Zayn

Triple Threat for the US Championship: The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose (c)
Average 10-min match that had some nice spots in it. Love him or hate him, Miz definitely is one of the more popular wrestlers here in AD (I was chanting for Maryse instead). The three attempted a sequence of roll-ups, which they botched in the end. Dean Ambrose picked up the win after he ducked Kofi's trouble in paradise finisher, which ended up hitting Miz. Ambrose then threw Kofi out the ring and got the easy pin.
Winner and still US Champion: Dean Ambrose

The Big Show then came out to a big pop from the crowd and entered the ring. Brad Maddox then came out and talked about giving Show another 1 day contract (as ridiculous as it sounds, he might have said the exact same thing the last two days), but he must compete in a handicap match against the Tag Champions.

Handicap Match: Big Show vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (c)
The crowd was into this match the first minute, and I gotta say that Show is one freakin' huge human being and could probably be the tallest walking in AD during those three days. I was lucky enough to start a "knock them out chant," which ended in the Sheild staring at me and Reigns saying "I'll knock you out if you don't shut up" (best live event moment I've ever had). Good back and forth match with some good spots including Show suplexing both guys, which is way more cool seeing it live. The finish came when Show pinned Rollins after landing the knockout punch.

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