Another Detailed Report For Last Night's WWE Live Event In Abu Dhabi: Big Show Allowed To Wrestle

Justin Roberts announced that there will be a 15-min break before the show will resume.

Out from the break and we see Brad Maddox in wrestling gear. He cut a good promo about someone who told him how Abu Dhabi citizens are so rich we don't accept free things including pizza (first, although the guy is still a bit green, his mic skills are really improving. Second, who the hell told him we don't like free stuff?).

Santino vs. Brad Maddox
Santino came out with a decent pop accompanied by the mascot of an Italian pizzeria which are one of the sponsors. 5 minute comedy match that is only that. There was a comedy spot where the mascot had Santino smell the pizza in order to "Hulk Up", which ended up in him taking the win after hitting the cobra on Maddox.
Winner: Santino Marella

After the match, Santino started giving out free pizza to people sitting in the front row. The funniest moment though was when Maddox was fighting with a fat kid over a slice after Santino left.

Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel
Short and uneventful match that was used as nothing more than filler, but crowd was into it, mostly because everyone was behind Gabriel. Aside from a small chant of "we want Summer Rae," this match was so-so and the fact that Fandagoing or whatever its called is almost dead when you only see kids doing it. Fandango got the win after pulling Gabriel's tights in a roll-up.
Winner: Fandango

Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler
It might be odd to say it, but this was the match of the night IMO. Solid 15 min back and forth match in which both looked like they could win the match. Ryback came out to mixed reaction while Ziggler entered to a great pop. I was so close to punching a kid in the face when he told me "his name is Ryback not Goldberg, you know" during a Goldberg chant. Both wrestlers were going on the offensive at times and Ziggler's dropkicks are so awesome the guy really has knack to throw it at the perfect time. Ziggler hit both the Fameasser and the Zig Zag for a close two. Ziggler even hit a Sweet Chin Music for a two count. The end came when Ryback countered a Zig Zag attempt and hit the Shellshocked for the win.
Winner: Ryback

Before the main event, the stipulation was chosen as fans cheered for the AD street fight. Justin then introduced Booker T, who came out to a huge pop, as the special referee.

Main Event AD street fight: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan
Great match. Much better than last year's main event table match between John Cena and Kane and the crowd was really into this one. Orton came out first to mixed reaction followed by a huge pop for Bryan (and the customary "Yes!" chants).

The match started slow, which slowly escalated outside, with Bryan hitting a suplex on Orton on the ramp. Orton then took control of the match and got the kendo stick into play. Funny spot where a fan ringside called the stick fake and Orton turned around yelling "What did you say?" Let's just say that the fan is gonna take some time cleaning his pants after the way he looked when he sat back down.

Bryan slowly managed to turn the match around and brought out a table from underneath the ring. The crowd was really becoming hot now. More back and forth 'till Orton took control and set up Bryan for his superplex signature. Bryan countered Orton and powerbombed him into the table! (Seeing it live is 1000x better than seeing it on TV). Bryan with a close 2 count. The match then went more back and forth with Bryan hitting his signature suicide dive and Orton hitting the second rope DDT. Bryan also applied the La Bell lock but Orton managed to reach the ropes and Chioda pulled away Bryan (wait, do street fights have rope breaks?) The finish came when Bryan countered a RKO attempt and hit his running knee finisher for the win.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the win, Booker T called back Bryan to do a Spin-a-Roonie along with 5 kids and after that Justin bid us farewell and that they will "definitely come back" and that was the end of the show. We managed to also take home the folding chair we were sitting which was cool.

One thing I would advise you though, is that if you're gonna blow a lot of money on an event such as this, make sure there are no brats sitting in front of you who like to annoy you and others behind by standing on their chairs constantly throughout the show. I spent half the time watching the matches and doing the work of the lazy security forcing them to sit down.

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