This episode of Impact Wrestling came to us from Tulsa, OK. It was the aftermath of Hulk Hogan quitting TNA and refusing to agree with Dixie Carter's terms, as well as further buildup for TNA's annual Bound for Glory pay per view.

Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy was a very good match, and a great way to open up the show. The pace was just right, and the Brainbuster from the ropes was a great spot. A bit surprised to see Aries win clean against Hardy, but it was a good move to put him over. The Destination X match should be very good, but I still am wondering way Kenny King was not included. Samoa Joe's addition is a good spot for him, seeing that is where he became popular. I supposed the weight limit has been lifted since Hogan's departure.

ODB vs. Jessie Godderz was a non-factor. Nothing about this match was worth the time it spent putting it on air, and the feud, while a decent spot to place Godderz, ODB, Robbie E, EY and Park, should not present matches like this. Lei'D Tapa's interference saved us from the match, but it once again fell flat. It also is a bit puzzling that this would be the time that she is attacking ODB, seeing how the BFG match is already booked (unless Tapa is included to make it a four-way).

The E.G.O. Hall of Fame segment was quite funny, and Bad Influence is still one of the most comical tag teams in pro wrestling. Bobby Roode has been over-emphasizing his disapproval of Kurt Angle being in the Hall of Fame, so it appeared as if they were setting something up between the two. Good to see Angle back, and he has obviously been hitting it hard in the gym.

Brooke vs. Velvet Sky was a bit subpar, but Brooke was the correct choice to win over Sky. As a heel, Brooke's career has been refreshed, and is the only part of Aces and Eights whose stock is not declining. I do not know exactly why Gail Kim is included in the title match, but I am sure she is happy about it.

Sting/Magnus vs. Bad Influence was a decent match, but it was pretty much a no-brainer that the MEM members would win this match. This was not a very good way to build the match between the two, and did not add any form of anticipation. Hopefully Magnus does not make a heel turn during this angle, because he was actually gaining some momentum being a babyface.

AJ Styles vs. Bischoff/Knux was not a bit disappointing, and was not good for Aces and Eights whatsoever. For Styles to defeat both men in a handicap match shows how much TNA cares about the group, as Bully Ray could have interfered before Styles got the pinfall victory. The build between Bully and Styles has not been terrible, but not very good either.

Are you satisfied with the Bully Ray/AJ Styles build thus far? Sound off below.

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