Views From The Turnbuckle: Sting And Why He Needs To Go Away

A characteristic of TNA's relative lack of success is that they have failed to capitalize on the cultivation of their promising young talent. The reason young talent failed to be put in the proper storylines is because, presumably, TNA had someone better that they felt could fill that role. That person, as noted above, was often Sting. Sting has some qualities, and he has always been one of TNA's more over wrestlers. But at this stage in his career, should he really be someone that the company should be building up for the long term future of the company?

A perfect example was Sting getting the World Title shot at Slammiversary earlier this year. Last year, TNA did a very good job building up Austin Aries as a big-time babyface for the company. This year, Aries's momentum has mostly been shot, as his development this year has lacked a lot of direction and he is basically in the same place that he was in at the start of 2012. Aries could have easily been given the shot at Slammiversary, and been the guy to lead the charge against Aces & 8s. Instead, TNA elected to once again peg Sting as the guy to be the face of the feud, pushing down younger talent with a brighter future.

Sting is a legend of wrestling, there is no disputing that. Whether you liked or hated him, you cannot deny that the man drew a lot of money and was very, very popular for an extensive period of time. However, at this stage in his career, it is time for Sting to step away from wrestling, and for him to walk off into the sunset before things get even worse.

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