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- Tonight's WWE RAW opens with Michael Cole welcoming us to the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Out comes WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels to the ring.

Shawn thanks everyone who voted for him to be the special referee for Hell In a Cell. He knows everyone is concerned about the personal feelings he has towards the people involved in the match. He talks about training Daniel Bryan years ago. Shawn admits he's never liked Randy Orton and his best friend is Triple H. Shawn says this match isn't about him - it's about the two competitors and it's about crowning a new WWE Champion. Shawn talks about his history with the Cell. Out comes Randy Orton.

Orton talks about the people of St. Louis and then says they're not all bright. Orton says HBK resents him because Orton will always be that much better than Shawn. Shawn acts like he wasn't even listening to Orton. Shawn says Orton needs to worry about Daniel Bryan. Orton says he's going to destroy and hurt Bryan at Hell In a Cell while Shawn looks on. Fans start chanting "no!" and Orton tells them to shut up. Shawn asks if Orton is trying to intimidate him. HBK warns Orton that he's going to kick his pretty head off his pretty shoulders if he puts his hands on him. HBK does the "two words" and turns his back. Orton goes for a RKO but Shawn dodges it. HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music but Orton slides out of the ring. The Miz runs down and attacks Orton from behind, beating him down at ringside. Referees try to pull The Miz off Orton. Miz gets in the ring as we go to commercial.

The Miz vs. Randy Orton

Back from the break and the match is underway. Orton takes control and nails clotheslines in the corner. Orton runs into a right hand and Miz fights back, sending Orton to the floor. Miz lands on his feet on the floor as Orton side steps and drops Miz with a clothesline. Orton brings it back in the ring for a 2 count.

Orton starts stomping away and covers for another pin attempt. Back and forth now. Orton tosses Miz over the top rope again. Orton puts Miz on top of the barrier for a draping DDT but Miz counters and rams Orton back into the ring post. Orton rolls in the ring and The Miz follows. Miz ducks a clothesline and makes a comeback. Miz unloads and drops Orton with a knee to the head. Miz with the clothesline in the corner. Miz goes to the top and comes crashing down on Orton. Orton counters a Skull Crushing Finale but Miz keeps control. Miz drops Orton and goes for the Figure Four but the lights go out and The Wyatt's quick video flashes on the screen. The lights come on and we see The Wyatt Family sitting on the stage. Orton takes advantage of Miz being distracted and nails a RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

- After the match, Bray speaks from his rocking chair on the stage. He says Miz is the epitome of everything he hates about this world. Wyatt asks about Miz's obsession with fame. Wyatt wants to see Miz suffer, wants to put him down. Wyatt says to follow the buzzards and laughs as the lights go out and we go to commercial.

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