WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Tag Titles On The Line, Beat The Clock Challenge, More

Goldust hits an atomic drop in the ring on Reigns. Rollins comes off the top but gets an atomic drop also. Goldust goes low and sends Rollins to the floor. Goldust clotheslines Reigns to the floor next and tumbles out with him. Ambrose rushes over and attacks Goldust. Goldust sends Reigns into the barrier and fights off Ambrose as fans chant "this is awesome." Reigns spears Goldust through the barrier and the crowd pops. Ambrose looks shocked as "holy s--t" chants start. Ambrose puts Cody in the ring and helps Reigns up. The crowd goes nuts as Big Show comes running through the crowd. He kicks a steel chair into Ambrose and knocks him out. Rollins leaps out but Show catches him and nails a knockout punch. Cody is up behind Reigns. Show reaches through the ropes and knocks out Reigns. Cody covers for the win.

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champions: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

- After the match, Show leaves through the crowd. Triple H comes out pissed off and it looks like he hits Goldust or Cody on their way out of the ring with their titles. Big Show and fans chant "yes" as Triple H looks on from the ring and RAW goes off the air.

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