- Stephanie McMahon will be giving a "master class" lecture at her alma matter, Boston University, on October 24th at 4pm. The title of the lecture is "The Business of Branding: Being Your Own Brand."

- IGN has an article up looking at the WWE Studios panel from New York City Comic Con over the weekend. Kane appeared with the See No Evil 2 directors while Hornswoggle was there with people from Leprechaun: Origins. Not many details were revealed but it was mentioned that See No Evil 2 takes place in a morgue. The Soska Twins said the kills in the movie are "all very original. It's stuff you've never seen in anything. We get to really develop these characters and make you care for them and then horribly murder them."

A clip from See No Evil 2 featured a dead Jacob Goodnight (Kane) being wheeled into the morgue as medical examiners chat while setting him in position. Suddenly, Jacob spits a wad of blood onto one of their faces. WWE Studios' Michael Luisi noted that they're pushing for hard R ratings.

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