Best For Business: Hulk Hogan's Next Move, Ethan Gets A Background, Low Ki Retires And More

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For the first time here at WrestlingInc, I will write about TNA (I do have a few Raw thoughts as well). It's important for you, the reader, to know where I'm coming from with this company. I like TNA, I really do. I want them to succeed. They have some of the best wrestlers in the world, and their core fan base is one of the most passionate around. But it's not fair to you for me to be a blind supporter, or a purposeful hater. I've seen columnists try both, and they ultimately fail. I have to call it as I see it, and give you my legitimate opinions. I'd also love to hear your reactions and gauge how the readers of this site feel towards TNA.

Hulk Hogan re-signing with TNA?

There's a report making the rounds that Hulk Hogan has (or is) re-signing with TNA. I'm on record as saying TNA needs to part ways with the wrestling legend, moving on from the "Hogan crutch" and forging a new direction.

But today I'd like to present to you that Hogan re-signing with TNA for business. Not necessarily TNA business, but Hulk Hogan business.

The reports I'm alluding to state that Hogan (allegedly) opted to return to TNA because of a low-ball offer provided by the WWE. This comes just days after Hulk Hogan said he had all of his options open, and had a great interaction with Triple H, one where the current COO of the WWE said they'd welcome "The Hulkster" back with open arms. Open arms, not an open checkbook!

I'm not here to argue the validity of these reports, I'll let my Greg DeMarco Show cohost "The Wrestling Realist" Patrick O'Dowd handle that. But I'm willing to look at the reasons this could in fact be the case.

Hulk Hogan is in fact a legendary figure in the business, one that I believe is 50% responsible for the mainstream success of wrestling today (the other 50% is Vince McMahon, by the way). I actually believe the rumors that the WWE wanted to main event WrestleMania 25 with Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena. Cena was thrown into a triple threat match on the card and we were "treated" to a Triple H vs. Randy Orton main event on a milestone show. The Hulk Hogan of five years ago could have pulled off that match. Today? Hulk Hogan doesn't have "one more match" in him like he'd like us to believe. So if the WWE did sign him, it wouldn't be for more than a multi-man match.

Business is good for the WWE, despite the ratings reports and house show attendance photos. They are a billion-dollar global media giant, partnered with such entities as the Susan G Komen Foundation and Make-A-Wish. WrestleMania 30 will sell out the New Orleans Superdome just on premise alone. Hulk Hogan would be a nice nostalgia touch, but he's not moving the needle in today's WWE.

Add in the fact that Hulk Hogan believe he can—and likely wants to—wrestle another match and the WWE is asking for trouble. How long before he becomes Hulk Hogan again, making demands and trying to have his way? Do you need that in the locker room? He complained about his pay during his last WWE run, and has made side comments about his pay in TNA. WWE ain't got time for that! Ultimately it was in their best interest to low-ball Hogan in hopes that he'd turn them down.

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