AJ Styles Talks Re-Signing With TNA, If Hulk Hogan Should Come Back, Kurt Angle In HOF, Locker Room

Top priority re-signing with TNA: "Here is the reality. I love TNA. I grew up there. It's who I am. You said it before when people think of TNA, they think of A.J. Styles. I take pride in that. But something has to change and I want to be there. I don't know any other way to say it. I love the place. I'm not saying I love what happened to it but I love that place and I want to see it grow. I know we have the talent. We have everything we need. The puzzle is not put together yet but once you get those pieces in there, you will see how it connects. Then you will be like: 'Wow, we really got something' but we need someone in charge that knows what to do with it once they see what's going together well.

Changes if A.J. Styles was in charge: "Well, there would be some guys that we can bring in. We need to open up. The one thing that separated TNA from the beginning was the talent. The fact that they were from all over the world, from a lot of different states, having different wrestling styles. When you're from the south, it's a little different. When you're from the Northeast, it's a little different. When you're from the West Coast, it's a little different and that's what was so great about TNA. We had guys from all over the nation and doing all different styles of wrestling and that's what separated everyone else. We weren't cookie cutters. We were all different and I think we need to bring that back. We can't be focused on certain people. Don't get me wrong, there is talent in the other place that can definitely come here and do well in TNA. But there are also talents in the independent circuit that deserve a chance too. I'm not saying they need to come here for a terrible contract to whatever it is. Give them a credible contract and come in here and show these people what they've been doing on the independents and doing well. We got to open up that door for younger talent to come in here because I was one of the first guys here and I'm getting older."

Thoughts on Hulk Hogan: "I think he opens up doors that we may or may not be able to open. I think that's the biggest thing with Hulk Hogan. But we got to know on how to utilize him, use him and make the best out of Hulk Hogan. If we are going to sign him, he's got to help us out. 'We will scratch his back and he'll scratch ours.'"

Attitude in the TNA locker room: "Not everyone is going to be happy. Not everyone is going to be happy with the storyline that they are in, that's just professional wrestling. Everyone wants to be at the top. Everybody thinks that they deserve more and you can't blame them. You're in a business where it's going to take its toll on them as they get older and they want to make as much money as they can and think they have the ability to but when you're not in that spotlight and believe me I know, it bothers you. I don't want to say that we all are like: 'This sucks,' because we're not. There are a lot of us just having fun but there is always going to be disgruntled guys in the back. It happens, it's a cycle. You have to go through your turn of: 'Oh crap, ok. Here we go.' It's one of those kinds of things. The locker room to me is not bad but it's never going to be perfect. I don't care where you're wrestling at."

Thoughts on the Bound for Glory Series: "I wish the Bound for Glory series was a little further back. That why there is more time to see who's wrestling who at Bound for Glory. You know within a month, month and a half of who is wrestling at Bound for Glory. I think we need more time to really stretch that out and prepare for Bound for Glory from the Bound for Glory series."

Thoughts on Kurt Angle going to the TNA Hall of Fame: "He's a machine. I know you guys must have heard that a million times but it's true. He is one of the best professional wrestlers in wrestling. He's got it all. He can get on the microphone and entertain you there or he can get you in the wrestling ring and do the same. I definitely think Kurt Angle deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. That's the things that bother me the most is that our Hall of Fame is that our guys are still wrestling. Ultimately wait until they are retired because they still have more work to do. Image all the good things you can say about them and then they have the match of there life after we induct them to the hall of fame. You got to bring that up. But those guys, Sting and Kurt deserve to be in the Hall of Fame and I have no bad feelings towards them because they are great guys."

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