Bob Holly Talks Working With Ric Flair & Steamboat As A Job Guy, Signing With WWE, If He Was A Bully

Buddy Rose was, to me, he was the greatest of all time. I mean he was the guy that I idolized and I loved everything he did. I hated him as a kid, but then when I started understanding how things worked I idolized him because of what a genius he was and what a mind for the business he had. He was one of the greatest that never did really make it, I think. He got it. He knew what he needed to do and he worked it to a T. If there's anybody to learn how to be a heel from, or a babyface, watch Playboy Buddy Rose. Pull him up on YouTube, watch this guy because he's the consummate professional.

Wrestling INC: You did some job matches back with WWF in the early 90s, right? Before you went there in 94?

Holly: Yep. I did one, it was in Pensacola. I did one with the Sheepherders, or actually they were the Sheepherders when they were with Portland Wrestling, but Butch and Luke, the Bushwhackers, I did a job for them. And then the next night, [in] Biloxi, I had a match with Ricky Steamboat, and it's funny because this is a story that I forgot to put in my book, and I cannot believe I forgot to do this. I went out there because I was wanting to get a job with them. That's what everybody wants to do.

So I went out there. I was out there and I was waiting on Ricky, and when he blew that whole flame thing out of his mouth with the kerosene, I was on the other side of the ring and I could feel the heat from across the mat. I was like, I can't believe this guy does that on a nightly basis, but anyway, we ended up having the match and everything and it was really good. It was kind of back and forth and everything. It wasn't your typical, just go out there and beat the guy up and get over him and come back. It wasn't one of those, a typical enhancement match. When we came back, he thanked me and everything, and he was pissed. He went and talked to somebody and he came back and he was mad. I was like, "did I do something wrong?" And he goes, "no, no, no. They didn't like the match. They liked it, but that's not what they wanted. They wanted me to go out there and eat you up." And Ricky told me, and I just think it's absolutely ridiculous because that was a good match to have on TV.

So he had to go back out there, and he went back out like a couple matches later and ended up doing it with another guy, some big, humongous overweight guy. He was absolutely unhappy with that. But yeah, that was my experience with them back then.

Wrestling INC: Everything I've heard about Steamboat has always been that he's a genuine class act.

Holly: Yeah, yeah. He is. I really enjoy working with him too. It's the same thing with Ric Flair. When I had a match with Flair down in WCW/NWA days, I had a ten minute match with him and I was really surprised at how much Ric gave me. It was a good back and forth match and everything. I had never been in the ring with a guy of that caliber who was just so smooth and it was just like a dance. It was like a perfect, well choreographed dance to where it was just flawless. He just led. It's just unbelievable how good he is as a leader. Because I had never worked with anybody like that before, it was unbelievable.

Wrestling INC: In 1994 when you did sign with WWF, obviously the business was changing drastically at that point, WWF was really doing a lot of the more cartoony gimmicks. Was that your choice, to sign with WWF [over WCW], because WCW still at that point was less gimmicky?

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