Kurt Angle On If He Would Re-Sign Hulk Hogan, Changes He'd Make To TNA, Next Face Of TNA

Would he re-sign Hulk Hogan ?: "Oh yeah! A lot of people would say no but look what this guy has done for wrestling. Anytime he goes out he gets the loudest cheer. It doesn't matter if he is wrestling or not. Hogan is a talent you want in your company and I have a lot of respect for him. I didn't have a lot of respect for him when he first started, but I really didn't know him because I didn't watch wrestling when I first started. But getting to know him and seeing what he has done for the business, I would say heck yeah, you want to sign that guy."

Who is the next face of TNA: "I really like Magnus right now. I love his promos skills and his wrestling has gotten a lot better. I would really love to re-push Samoa Joe. He is a cornerstone of the company and sometimes I feel like we are not utilizing him right. That guy can carry the company. He can carry any company. AJ Styles has done a tremendous job, but when you look at the young talent, there are a lot out there that have the ability. Right now stepping up it's hard. I love Bobby Roode. James Storm is another guy we have kind of thrown by the wayside a little bit. He has talent up the wazoo. Those are the guys I believe will be the future."

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