WWE NXT Recap: Dallas Defends Against Zayn, Heel Turn, NXT Tag Titles Defended, More

The show opens with a recap of Bo Dallas's reign as NXT Champion and the Bo Dallas Invitational last week.

NXT Tag Team Championships
The Ascension (c) vs. Adrian Neville and Corey Graves

Victor and Graves start off. Graves hits multiple strikes. He runs Victor's head into the turnbuckle several times. Graves punches Victor in the corner. He elbows Victor against the ropes. Victor reverses a whip and charges Graves in the corner. Graves hits a back elbow and goes up top. Graves locks in a Tree of Woe over the ropes. He drops to the outside and swings at O'Brian. He gets back in the ring and Neville tags in. Neville hits a dropkick. He knocks Victor down twice and whips him to the corner. Neville hits a flying forearm and a bodyslam. He jumps up top. O'Brian tries to attack from the apron, but Neville kicks him.

Neville leaps off at Victor, who moves. Neville goes to bound off the ropes, but O'Brian pulls them down and he crashes to the outside. Victor tags in O'Brian. Back from commercial and O'Brian tags in Victor. He gets a two count on Neville. O'Brian back in. Victor holds Neville so O'Brian can hit him, but Neville kicks O'Brian. Neville tries to crawl to Graves, but O'Brian stops him. Neville somersaults to get to Graves and is able to tag him in. Graves takes it to O'Brian with headshots, knocking him down repeatedly.

Graves hits a big clothesline. He hits O'Brian with a chop block to the knee and locks in his Lucky 13 submission. Victor attacks Graves to break the hold. Graves tags in Neville and Neville gets confused as if he wasn't ready to come back in. Neville comes in and O'Brian takes his legs out. O'Brian tosses him into the ring post. Victor comes in and stomps Neville in the head. Neville comes back with a kick to the head. Neville crawls to Graves. Victor dropkicks Neville into Graves, knocking Graves off the apron.

O'Brian comes in and The Ascension hit their double team sweep kick/corkscrew heel kick special for the win.

Winners and still Champions: The Ascension

After the match, Graves gets back in the ring. He says what happened to Neville and that the belts are gone. Graves helps Neville up and then hits him with the chop block to the knee. Graves pummels Neville with punches to the face.

Tyler Breeze vs. CJ Parker

Parker hits several chops to the chest. Parker lands an airplane spin. Parker shoves Breeze out of the ring. Parker follows him. Breeze runs back in the ring and tries to drop an elbow. Parker dodges, rams his shoulder into Breeze's gut from the apron and hits a sunset flip. Parker locks in Breeze's arm. Breeze gets out and shoves Parker. Parker shoves back. Parker whips Breeze and goes for a dropkick, but Breeze hangs onto the ropes.

Breeze kicks him in the face and checks his face with his phone. Breeze pummels Parker in the back with strikes. Parker goes for the face palm strike, but Breeze recoils. Parker gets a pin attempt and then a big clothesline. Breeze tries to crawl out of the ring and escape. Parker pulls him back and Breeze holds on to the ring skirt. Breeze lets go, which distracts the ref as he puts the skirt back. Breeze hits a thumb to the eye and his spinning heel kick finisher for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

After the match, Breeze tries to take a selfie with the downed Parker, but Parker pops up and hits his palm strike to the face. Parker picks up Breeze's phone and then uses it to take selfies with fans. He then leaves with the phone.

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