Bob Holly Talks Brock Lesnar Controversy, Attitude Era, WCW, Not Being Ready For World Title Picture

Wrestling INC: I know in your book you also talked about the amount you guys made on PPVs and things like that. Did you think it was a fair amount you guys were getting during the Attitude Era?

Holly: Yeah, oh yeah. I think so. Nobody complained about money then. It was sickening how much everybody was getting. Of course everybody can make more money. Everybody wants to make more money, but me, like I said, I can't speak for everybody else, but I was satisfied getting what I was getting. I was on top of the world because here I worked for one of the greatest companies in the world. I'm making really good money. I'm having fun and I'm happy where I'm at. So, I felt like I was on top of the world back then.

Wrestling INC: I know you've been asked this a lot and you're probably tired of answering it, but the match with Brock Lesnar where you broke your neck, the story going around back then was that it was a botched powerbomb where you guys weren't cooperating or something that led to the broken neck, but since then you've said that it actually wasn't supposed to be a powerbomb. Is that right?

Holly: Yeah. It was supposed to be a deal where he looks like he's going to powerbomb me but I land on my feet, he charges me, I duck underneath his clothesline, he comes back, I give him a dropkick. That was the move. Like I tell, because everybody asks me that same question, it's like okay. People have got to use their head here. If you really stop and think, which these people, they get on the Internet and type all the bulls*** and everything else, they don't think past the end of their nose. If you take a guy like Brock Lesnar, and you take a guy like me, if Brock Lesnar can take Big Show and belly to belly him halfway across the ring, you've got to ask yourself, could I stop Brock Lesnar from giving me a powerbomb? Can I really sandbag that move to where he couldn't do it? When people stop and think about it, it's like well, yeah. That does make sense. If he can pick a 500 pound guy up and throw him over his head, here I'm 228 pounds, you really think I could stop Brock from doing anything to me? I'm serious. [laughter]

On top of that, it was a move that I'm supposed to look good, that I'm supposed to shine on. So, why would I screw up my own move? That just goes to show you, people will say what they want to say and put it out there and it just gets legs and people run with it and say oh, this happened, this happened. They weren't there. They weren't in the locker room. They weren't in the ring. They don't know what was going through anybody's head. How do they know? You really have to stop and think. When stuff like this is put out there, you really have to stop and think. It's nonsense. It's really nonsense because me and Brock have always got along good. I've always loved working with the guy because he's rough. That's my style. I love it like that and I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't stand working with a guy that barely hits you and you can't even sell it because you don't know if you got hit or not. It's just stuff that people put out there and it's hard to believe unless you hear it from the horse's mouth. It's like in Brock's book. He never said one word about doing it on purpose or it was a messed up move or Bob tried to sandbag me and all this. He never said one word of it in his book or in any interviews. People got to really stop and think before they believe what they read.

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