TNA Impact Results: Bully Vs Magnus, Contract Singing And More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Daniels works over Hernandez and hits a dropkick for a two count. Daniels tags in Robbie E or punches away at Hernandez and hits a knee drop from the second rope for another two count. He locks in a front face lock, but Hernandez fights out. Daniels comes in and they try to double team Hernandez but he hits a double flying clothesline. He tags in EY who hits a double dropkick and takes out both men. Daniels and E get back in control, but fight about getting the pin.

They fight in the ring, but then Hernandez runs down the ramp and leaps over the top rope and hits a flying clothesline to Robbie E. He goes over to Daniels, but Daniels dumps him out of the ring. EY fights off Daniels and knocks him down, he climbs the top rope and hits a diving elbow. He goes for the cover, but Robbie comes in and dumps EY outside. He covers Daniels for the three count.

Winner: Robbie E

The Bromans will now be the final team in the gauntlet match.

We go to an interview with AJ in the back, but Jesse Godderz cuts him off and tries to take AJ out. AJ fights him off and say that it is going to be a long night. We then go to ads.

We come back and they hype tonights match between Bully and Magnus. We see a recap of Dixie putting the bounty on AJ.

AJ is coming down to the ring in street clothes. He grabs a mic and says that Dixie is desperate to put a bounty on his head. He says that he is flattered, because he knows that she knows that he is going to win at BFG. He says when he wins, he is going to make her pay. AJ tells everyone who wants to cash in on the bounty, he is not going to run and hide, he says that he is right here, so come and get paid.

Knux and Garrett come down to the ring and they start to beat down AJ in the corner. James Storm's music plays and Storm and Gunner come down to the ring. They chase Garrett and Knux off and hold their titles in the ring. Storm comes over to AJ and looks him the eye. Tenay acts like he is going to try and cash in on the bounty, but he just nods and AJ walks away. Gunner and Knux are on next, but we go to commercial first.

Gunner vs Knux

They start with Garrett grabbing Gunner's leg, allowing Knux to get the advantage. Knux works over Gunner and whips him off the ropes, but Gunner kicks Knux in the face, and take shim down with a shoulder tackle. They trade blows and Knux hits a big clothesline for a two count.

Knux beats him down, but Gunner fights back and they trade blows. Knux works Gunner into the corner and hits a scoop slam. He locks in a rear chin lock. Gunner fights out and dodges a leg drop from Knux. Both men hit clothesline on each other and the ref starts to count. They both get up and Gunner hits a clothesline and then an impressive fall-away slam. Gunner gets pumped up and goes for the torture rack. Knux slips out and hits a cross body for a two count.

Knux gets up and calls for Bully, but Bully does not come out and Gunner hits a spear for the win. Tenay talks about how Bully was a no-show.

Winner: Gunner

We show Sabin in the back with Velvet and Sabin says that he is going to go get the money. He runs away while Velvet is left saying "This isn't you though." We them go to commercials.

We are back and Garrett is asking Knux where Bully was. They both are pissed off and say next time Bully needs their help, it is going to get really interesting.

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