TNA Impact Results: Bully Vs Magnus, Contract Singing And More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

We get a recap of Lei'd Tapa beating down ODB and Velvet Sky.

We see the beautiful Brooke taking some selfies in the back. Gail Kim comes in and they talk about Tapa. Kim says that it is in their best interest to make sure Tapa does not get them. Brooke blows her off and says that it is every women for herself.

We get a hype video for the Ultimate X match for BFG.

Sabin is shown sneaking around backstage. He asks a security guard if he has seen AJ Styles. He turns down a hallway and Joe emerges. Joe says that Sabin does not have his priorities straight. Joe says that Sabin better keep his focus on him, because he has Joe tonight and if he gets through tonight and the Ultimate X, then he can worry about the bounty. He says that he (Joe) is a really big if.We go to commercials.

We are back and we get a recap of Bully running down Magnus and Magnus punching Bully. Magnus is shown getting ready in the back. They hype the contract singing for the world title match.

Sabin is coming down escorted by Velvet and it is time for his match against Samoa Joe. Joe comes down to a good pop by Impact standards.

Samoa Joe vs Chris Sabin

They lock up and Joe powers Sabin into the corner, but Sabin thumbs Joe in the eye. Joe turns the tables and pummels Sabin down into the corner with fists. He hits a back splash into the opposite corner and then an enzughri. He facewashes Sabin in the corner and Sabin gets out of the ring and hugs Velvet.

Joe reaches out and brings him back and in and hits a knee ot the gut. Sabin gets out of the way of a splash and Sabin chops away at Joe, but Joe no sells the,. He chops Sabin down, and Sabin gets out of the ring. Sabin walks down the aisle with Velvet and when Joe chases him, he pushes Velvet in front of him. Joe pushes her away and gets Sabin up for the Samoan drop, but Sabin gets out and hits a DDT on the ramp.

Sabin gets back in the ring for a count out, but Joe gets back at nine. Sabin gets the drop on Joe and beats him down. He goes for a splash on Joe, but Joe catches him and hits him with a uranage. Joe hits an inverted atomic drop, a clothesline and a senton for a two count. He sets Sabin up for the Musclebuster, but Sabin fights out and hits a great springboard DDT for a two count.

Sabin tries to get a roll up on Joe, but Joe slips through and locks in a chokehold for the victory.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Aries comes down and hits a missile dropkick on Joe. Hardy comes down and hits the twist of fate on Aries. Hardy sets up a ladder in the ring, but Manik comes down and pushes Hardy off and hits a diving crossbody onto Joe and Aries.

We go backstage and Bad Influence are beating down AJ. Aj gets up and fights them off, with the help of a fire extinguisher.

We come back from commercial and Ethan is doing a photoshoot. He pegs BFG and that he will make someone proud.

Magnus is out early and Tenay hypes how disgusted he was earlier about the bounty. Bully and Brooke are out next.

Bully Ray vs Magnus

They lock up and push around the ring. They have a standoff and lock up again. Bully gets the advantage and knocks Magnus down with a shoulder block. He hits a scoopslam and taunts the crowd. He hits a clothesline and punches away at Magnus in the corner. Magnues turns Bully around with some forearm shots and a big back body drop. He hits a clothesline and climbs the ropes, but Bully knocks him off and crotches him on the top rope as we go to ads.

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