TNA Impact Results: Bully Vs Magnus, Contract Singing And More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

We are back and Bully is in control. He whips Magnus into the corner and taunts the crowd. He punches Magnus back down and gets a smooch from Brooke on the outside. Bully throws Magnus into the corner. Magnus fights out, but Bully fish hooks Magnus and sends him back down. Bully goes for a big elbow drop, but Magnus rolls out of the way. They trade blows and Magnus gets the advantage, and hits a clothesline and then a back suplex.

Magnus hits a bicycle kick and climbs the turnbuckle and hits the flying elbow drop for a two coutn. Magnus bumps into the ref because Bully got behind the ref and pushed him in front of him. Bully takes out a steel chain, but Sting comes down and grabs the chain. Bully turns around and hits a low blow on Magnus while the ref is dealing with Sting. Bully covers Magnus for the three count.

Winner: Bully Ray

After the match, Magnus is yelling at Sting for costing him the match. Sting tries to explain his actions to Magnus and goes for a handshake. Magnus thinks about it and slaps Stings hand and walks to the back.

We see Angle heading to ring, apparently we are going to hear from him next as we cut to ads.

We are back and we see Sting and Magnus is the back. Magnus blames Sting for the loss, Sting tries to explain but Magnus is sick and tired of needing Stings help. Joe comes in and calms everyone down. Sting says in San Diego, he will be by himself, and it will be just Sting and Magnus.

Angle's music hits and Tenay talks about Angle's shocking return last week. Angle has a mic and says that it is great to be back. He says that Bobby Roode is one of the most talented wrestlers he has ever seen, that he reminds himself of Kurt 5 years ago. But when he tries to rain on his parade, he made it personal. Angle says that it is one thing to think that you are that good, but when you mess with a man's legacy, particularly Angles, he just dug his own grave.

Angle says that he may be one of the best today, but he will never be Kurt Angle. Roode's music plays and he comes down looking very serious. Roode gets in the ring and stares down Angle. He has a mic and says that he is right, Roode will never be Kurt Angle. Roode says that he is okay with that, because he does not want to be Kurt Angle. Not here, not today. Maybe a few years ago, when Kurt was the be all and end all of professional wrestling. Right now, Roode is the be all and end all, he says that Angle is mad that Roode ruined Kurt's induction, but last week, Kurt ruined Roode's induction.

He says that he knows that Angle knows that Roode deserves to be in the HOF more then him. What has Kurt done lately? He says that Angle beat Roode two years ago at BFG, and that woke Roode up, and inspired him to become the longest reinging champion in TNA history. He says this Sunday, he will not be a Kurt Angle, he is going to be Booby Roode, and Bobby Roode is going to beat Kurt Angle.

Angle asks how he is going to beat Kurt Angle, when he is the one tapping. Roode says that be won't be tapping, because... and he punches Kurt. He starts to beat Angle down, but Angle turns things around and locks in the Ankle Lock. Bad Influence come down and beat down Angle. Roode sends them out and locks in the crossface and makes Angle tap out. Roode grabs the mic and says "As I was saying, I'm going to make you tap."

The contract signing is up next as we cut to ads.

We are back and JB is there with Dixie and the suits with the briefcase. Bully comes out with Brooke and then AJ comes down in street clothes. Bully and AJ lock eyes as JB runs down the contract. Bully grabs the clipboard and signs the contract. He grabs the mic and says he did not waste anytime signing the contract because he is going make this real simple. AJ can't beat him. AJ doesn't have the heart or the balls to beat him. Bully says that in 1985, Ric Flair destroyed Dusty Rhodes. A month later, Dusty returned and told the world that Flair had put him, the wrestling industry and the fans on hard times. Almost 30 years later, Bully says that he has put the wrestling world on hard times, and how he beat Jeff for the title, and then defeated Sting. He ran Chris Sabin back into the X division, and make no mistake, he ran Hogan out of TNA and put him on hard times.

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