TNA Impact Results: Bully Vs Magnus, Contract Singing And More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Bully says that in three days at BFG, when he defeats AJ, he is going to put AJ on hard times. He is going to put his fans on hard times, and most of all, he is going to put AJ on such hard times that he is going to have no contract, and his wife and his kids are going to walk out on AJ. Bully says that he is the Darth Vader of wrestling, and that AJ is no Luke Skywalker.

AJ grabs the mic and reminds Bully that he is no Ric Falir. That was in the past, and that they are in the future. He tells the people that Bully is a big, dumb b---h, and that he has no idea who he is getting into the ring with. He says he has everything to lose, and everything to gain. He is the most desperate man he has ever wrestled, and that he will make Bully pay.

AJ throws the mic down and says that he will be the next world champion. AJ signs the contract. Bully says to hold on, and that he is not going to put his title on the line. Instead, he is going to cash in that bounty. He tries to hit AJ with his chain, but AJ ducks and hits him with the briefcase. AJ opens the briefcase and sees all the money. He throws it at Dixie as him and Bully exchange words to close out the show.

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