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Impact opens with a recap of last weeks show. They show Angle showing up and crashing EGO's Hall of Fame induction. They show Dixie challenging Sting and Magnus and Bully Ray getting the upper hand on AJ Styles.

We go to the show and Dixie Carter is coming down the ramp. Dixie is flanked by two men in suits with a briefcase. Dixie grabs a mic and says that she says that great pieces of art take time, and Sunday, her masterpiece will take place. She says Michelangelo never had to deal with a hick like AJ Styles. She says it is her job to motivate and elevate and tonight, she is going to do both. She says she has a contract signing for AJ and Bully tonight.

She asks what if AJ Styles never made it to the contract signing. What if another talent stepped up and took his place. She indicates that if someone takes AJ out, she will give them $50,000. She says that AJ might have been dumb enough to walk away from her money, but someone else isn't. She says that creating opportunities and and making people rich is what she does best. The suit takes out the briefcase and flashes the cash.

Bully's music hits and him and Brooke head down to the ring. Bully says that Dixie and him do not usually see eye to eye, but for 50 grand, he will do whatever it takes to do what she wants.

Magnus's music hits and he comes down and grabs the mic. He says that twelve men over three months competed in the BFG series for a title shot at BFG, and now because Dixie does not like AJ Styles, she would rather give the opportunity to someone who is greedy enough. He calls Dixie boss, and says that no wonder people are saying that Dixie sucks. He says that 50 grand may be chump change to her, but it isn't to him and all these people, and that he is sick of Dixie talking every week.

Bully grabs the mic and puts over Magnus's attributes, he says the people believe in him, and that Sting believes in him. Bully says that he is now going to tell them the truth. He calls Magnus the truth and calls him a pretty boy without a tough bone in his body. Bully calls him a loser and a fraud and the biggest disappointment he has ever seen. He such a big disappointment, he is like the people of Oklahoma. Magnus punches Bully, who tumbles out of the ring and says that if Magnus wants a match against Bully, that he has got a match against him.

They show Angle in the back in a dress coat entering the arena as we go to commercial.

We are back and Bully has a hammer. He tells Knux and Garrett that they came together last week and how proud he is of the guys. He tells Knux that he will get the chance to get the $50,000, and that he will take out one half of the tag champs. He says if they get in trouble, flash the sign and Bully will be there in a second.

Daniels is coming out for a four corners match. He comes down solo without Roode or Kaz.Robbie E and Hernandez are already in the ring, as EY comes down the ramp.

Four Corners Match: Eric Young vs Robbie E vs Hernandez vs Daniels

Robbie E and EY start it off. EY works the arm and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez whips Robbie into the corner and he tags in Daniels. Hernandez boots Daniels in the chest and hits a clothesline and follows it up with a belly-to-belly suplex. He stomps and Hernandez but gets hit by Robbie E. Daniels comes over and dumps Hernandez out of the ring and Robbie E beats him down and tosses Hernandez back into the ring.

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