Bob Holly Talks Working With CM Punk, WWE's Hypocrisy With Wellness Policy & Injured Stars, ECW

Holly: Well, I mean I talk about it in my book. I go into pretty great detail about it. Mine was just a theory of what I think happened. It was my opinion. I really don't want to say much more than that. I think a lot of these interviews I've done, it put into perspective what people read that I wrote about it. They're like you know what, that makes a lot of sense. It's tragic. When I think about I Just shake my head and think, you know, what happened? Why? Chris and I were such good friends. We rode up and down the roads together and stuff like that. Whenever I was in Atlanta on days off I'd meet with him and we'd go eat lunch and stuff or whatever, and it just breaks my heart. It really does.

Wrestling INC: You also wrote about the Wellness Policy. Is that something you think should be kept around? Do you think it's doing much good?

Holly: All I'm going to say is it's a huge double standard. All it is, is let's do testing so we can say we test, but we're going to pick and choose who we enforce it on and it's not straight across the board. I know that for a fact. That's another thing I discuss in my book. I talked to one of the doctors that was in charge of the testing. I had a nice telephone conversation with him when I questioned him on a few things which I didn't think was right, and he sort of explained to me how it works. From that point on I was like okay, it's all a bunch of BS, pretty much. Needless to say, the guy that was in charge of the testing, he's no longer with WWE wellness program anymore.

Wrestling INC: It's obvious from reading your book, I think a lot of people put it up there with [Chris] Jericho and [Mick] Foley's book as probably the most honest. It's obvious reading it that you're not looking for a job right now with WWE. It was really refreshing, whether people agree with some of your opinions or not. What made you decide to write it this early? You're still wrestling. You can still go. You wrestled for TNA earlier this year. Did you think there would be any backlash or that it'd be hard to go back after releasing the book?

Holly: When I wrote this book, I thought about it and it's like, you know what? I've always been a person that's says what's on my mind. Whether people hold that against me, that's fine because it's my opinion. It's my beliefs. It's my story and I'm not going to alter my story or sacrifice putting information in there that people want to know for the sake of, you know what, I may end up going back to WWE, I may not or I don't know. To me, that's taking away from the wrestling fan because there's so many books out there [that lie]. There's one that came out not that long ago, I'm not going to mention no names, but he skips around and dances around a lot of details to make you want, it's like okay why is he doing this? Why isn't he just coming out and telling us what he thinks or how it goes because they want a job or eventually they're going to want their job back. And me, it's like if they hire me, fine. If they don't hire me, hey I'm cool with that. I don't care. I'm happy doing what I'm doing now. I don't need WWE. I don't need anything.

I wanted people to know, hey, this is the way everything went with me. This is my opinion on a lot of stuff. This is my opinion on how I perceived a lot guys and stuff like that by being around them and everything. I was not worried one bit. Whether WWE is going to call me and say hey, we'd like you to come back to work for us, or you're never going to come back and work for us, I don't care. I honestly don't care. If they call me, fine. If they don't, I'm fine. So when I wrote it, I wasn't looking to make a lot of people happy. I don't tell people what they want to hear to make them happy. If I feel a certain way about something and you're my friend or you're the company I work for, I'm going to tell you maybe something you don't want to hear, and that's just the way it is and that's the way I feel.

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