Best For Business: TNA Bound For Glory Preview, Predictions And Alternate Reality

Obviously, I think the challengers will be The Bro-Mans. As champions, they could actually build themselves up and possibly become something as a team. Robbie E is one of the most underrated guys on the entire roster, and I don't have faith in TNA to do anything special with the tag team championships in a way that would push him further.

In the end, I believe that third spoke on the fork—treading water—is the final result as James Storm and Gunner retain here. Maybe, just maybe, TNA can do something with this division throughout the remainder of 2013.

Ultimate X for the X-Division Championship: Manik (champion) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin vs. Samoa Joe

TNA has put together what could possibly be the most star-studded Ultimate X match in history, and in doing so could be hurting the X-Division.

Samoa Joe and Austin Aries are miscast in this match, despite being former division champions. Jeff Hardy actually belongs, and this should be sold on the fact that it's his first Ultimate X. Chris Sabin is going through a bit of a character malfunction right now, and this match won't help.

The X-Division is about TNA being different, and in the past it's made stars out of lesser known talents. What better way to push the division than to bring in some talent that could benefit. Instead, we have a trademark "get these guys on the card" move by TNA, complete with Austin Aries stating (both in and out of character) that he doesn't even like the match.

A victory over these four guys would be a big plus for Manik, but that victory won't come by actually defeating anyone for the 1-2-3. I think Hardy will take himself and someone else out with a stupid spot off of the structure, and Manik will retrieve the title for the win. This has potential, but can also end up as s spotfest that doesn't live up to the spotfests of years gone by.

Hall of Fame Inductee Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

After becoming the second inductee into TNA's Hall of Fame on Saturday night, Kurt Angle will step into the ring against the man he defeated at the 2011 installment of Bound For Glory—Bobby Roode. At the time, this result was a tremendous letdown, given the manner in which Roode won the first ever Bound For Glory Series and the roll he was on. He'd go on to become the longest reigning champion in company history, and the man that made Austin Aries a star (although you could say that was done by Aries himself).

Kurt Angle follows Sting into the TNA Hall of Fame, which is looking more and more like the "Beat WWE To The Punch" Hall of Fame year-by-year. Conventional wisdom says that Angle should win, since he's being inducted. However, Sting followed up last year's induction with a loss to Aces & Eights.

That said, I can't see Angle losing this match. A win for Roode is the same as a loss—meaningless. This is purely Hall of Fame showcase match, and Kurt Angle will walk away with the submission victory.

Sting vs. Magnus

The build to this match has been thanks to a somewhat upset, somewhat jealous, somewhat jaded Magnus. And can you blame him? He was leading the Bound For Glory Series until the very end, not remembering TNA's rule that the leader never wins. Since losing to AJ Styles in the finals, he's been the fall guy for The Main Event Mafia, and now he wonders who will "make him."

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