Best For Business: TNA Bound For Glory Preview, Predictions And Alternate Reality

Enter Sting, who brings up the fact that Ric Flair made him (not the only BFG match using Flair's name in the build, mind you), and Sting simply volunteers his services to do so? Is Sting promising to lay-down for Magnus? Is he admitting that he can't beat Magnus?

Magnus has to turn on Sting. Turning on Sting is pretty much wrestling tradition. So it's not a matter of if, but when. Does he turn heel during the match, because he has to cheat to beat the man twice his age? Does he lose, then turn out of frustration? Or doe win, then turn on Sting at a later date?

If Magnus loses, the TNA is truly copying the WWE in every aspect, including depushing its hottest young star (Dolph Ziggler) and draining all of his momentum. AJ Styles claims he has to win on Sunday, but it's actually Magnus who "must win." And as history has taught us, he must turn.

Magnus gets the "big win" over Sting, and the two embrace in the ring. It ends peacefully—for now. On Thursday's live Impact Wrestling, Magnus does like many have done before him. You see the road Sting has paved is paved in turns—heel turns—because the "Sting" character is one of the stupidest individuals we have ever seen.

No Disqualification Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Bully Ray (champion) vs. AJ Styles

At Turning Point 2012, AJ Styles was on the losing end of a three-way #1 Contender match with James Storm & Bobby Roode, and lost the right to challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship until…yup, Bound For Glory 2013. Now, you might not remember this since TNA CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO EVER MENTION IT.

Instead, AJ Styles lost his smile, became a man with no country, found himself, and is hated by the owner of the company. He's not an "every man," he's an "every face." He's basically every stereo typical face gimmick from the past 12 years, and he's about to embark on the biggest face move of the past decade. He's about to become the poor man's CM Punk, and redo the gimmick that Punk already redid (see: Summer of Punk 2005 and Summer of Punk 2011) in the Autumn of AJ.

Then you have Bully Ray. He's been painted into a corner, as he's built an "empire" in Aces & Eights that's left with two members in Knux and Garett Bischoff. Both have promised that Bully will be quite surprised the next time he needs help, and the No DQ main event is just the place, eh?

This can be a great match, but there are so many opportunities for it to go wrong. Just look at the "interested parties" that could get involved: Dixie Carter...Ethan Carter III...Kunx...Garett Bischoff...Eric Bischoff...Hulk Hogan...Mr. Anderson...Devon...Brooke (Tessmacher or Hogan)…Claire Lynch...

Okay I was kidding about that last one, but you gotta admit, that'd be some bad ass booking!

Simply put, AJ isn't getting the clean win here. The easiest out is the most likely, where Dixie Carter brings out Knux and Bischoff to interfere, and they decide to go rogue. This allows AJ to pick up the win, flaunting the belt in Dixie's face to close the show.

Because in reality, neither of two top feuds in TNA are named AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray. And that's the inherent problem with Bound For Glory. Ray's main issue is the coming implosion of Aces & Eights, and AJ's feuding with Dixie Carter herself, not the champ. And that will ultimately cause a good PPV to fall flat in the end. And the end is what we remember the most.

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