Best For Business: TNA Bound For Glory Preview, Predictions And Alternate Reality

TNA presents Bound For Glory, called by many as "their WrestleMania," this Sunday night from beautiful San Diego, California. In reality, TNA breaks "their WrestleMania" into two events, with Slammiversary being the celebration of the company and Bound For Glory being the culmination of 6-months' worth of storytelling.

Similarly, Sunday's card is really a tale of two PPVs. The one that will happen, and the one they built. On paper, this isn't a bad card at all. It features several matches that can deliver entertaining in-ring action worth the price of the broadcast. But the build has been atrocious. One match—the main event—was literally built dating back to Slammiversary, and the focus was finally shifted towards it two weeks ago. The company changed directions less than 6-weeks away from the event, really shortchanging the talent working hard to put on a good show.

Predictions: TNA Bound For Glory 2013

Knockouts Championship: ODB (champion) vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke

Mickie James was a phenomenal Knockouts champion, and had TNA kept her around, she actually could have built a feud with either Gail Kim or ODB. Due to her contract situation, TNA had to rush ODB's win over Mickie James, and we're left with a thrown together match on the PPV. In reality, the build really should have been Mickie James vs. Taryn Terrell, but the latter was really out of TNA's control. They don't pay their Knockouts enough to afford condoms.

Gail Kim is a great worker, and can have a good match with anyone. When Brooke was wrestling on a regular basis, she was more than capable of delivering a strong performance. Unfortunately, Brooke hasn't been in the ring on a consistent basis, and her most recent run is as Bully Ray's girlfriend. ODB is passable at best, leaving Gail Kim to carry this to the best match possible. I can't see a reason for ODB to lose here, other than the fact that Brooke is paired with Bully Ray. Unfortunately, that's all the reason that TNA needs, and Brooke wins her third (that's right, third) Knockouts Championship.

Pre-Show Gauntlet: Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) vs. The Bro-Mans (Robbie E & Jesse Godderz) vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.& Hernandez vs. Joseph Park & Eric Young

This match will be featured on the PPV pre-show, and the winner of this match will challenge James Storm and Gunner for the gold on the PPV proper. This match shows the disparity of talent in the division. One team is consistently great (Daniels/Kaz), one is just awful (Park/Young), one is holding back someone talented (E/Godderz), and one is anchored by a shameless tribute act (Chavo/Hernandez).

With all the promotion behind Young & Park, I can't help but be worried for the outcome of this match. Jesse & Robbie getting placement as the final team in the gauntlet also sticks out, and I am genuinely concerned for what we will get here. I want Bad Influence to win here, so much so that I picked them during my Greg DeMarco Show PPV predictions show. But the company has since stacked the deck against them, and I believe we're seeing The Bro-Mans winning their way onto the main card, and doing so over Park & Young in the end.

World Tag Team Championship: James Storm & Gunner (champions) vs. Gauntlet Winners

Storm and Gunner are a thrown together tag team that could actually be a good one. But TNA hasn't given them a reason to be great. Nor have they given us a reason to care. Bound For Glory represents the proverbial fork in the road for this team—either the experiment is over, or TNA finally gets serious about it. Well, I guess there's a third spoke on the fork: continuing to tread water.

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