WWE Smackdown Recap W/ Video: Bryan, Rhodes And Goldust Vs. The Shield, AJ Takes On Brie Bella

Del Rio asks if Cena wants to know what will happen to his arm at Hell in a Cell. He then attacks Josh Mathews and locks him in the cross arm breaker.

The Real Americans vs. The Usos

The Real Americans take control early. A lot of attention is paid to Zeb Colter on commentary, talking about Los Matadores. Cesaro eventually hits the Cesaro Swing on one of the Usos. Swagger gets tagged in and stomps the Uso on the mat. Swagger slams the Uso to the mat and then locks in his arms behind him. The Uso gets to his feet. He tries to tag in the other Uso, but Swagger drives his shoulder into his gut in the corner. Cesaro gets tagged in as Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb.

Cesaro hits a double boot stomp and goes for a cover, but the Uso puts his foot on the rope. Swagger comes back in. He locks in an inverted keylock on the Uso. Swagger knocks the Uso off the apron, and then slams the other Uso to the mat as the Los Matadores music hits and they come out. Colter gets off commentary and starts walking up the ramp towards them. El Torito gores Colter in the stomach. Colter doubles in pain and El Torito gores him in the butt. Back in the ring and one of the Usos Superkicks Swagger. The other Uso hits a splash from up top for the win.

Winners: The Usos

El Torito hits his springboard senton on Swagger after the match.

Daniel Bryan comes out for his match. Randy Orton comes out. He talks some trash and then says he guarantees he will become champion and become the face of the WWE once more.

Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. The Shield

Goldust and Reigns start off. Reigns hits multiple headbutts. Ambrose comes in. He kicks Goldust in the gut and hits head strikes. Rollins comes in with multiple head strikes. Reigns comes back in and whips Goldust into the corner. Goldust comes back with a back elbow. Goldust hits an atomic drop. Cody gets tagged in. He hits Reigns with a missile dropkick. Cody hits Ambrose and Rollins off the apron. Reigns tosses Cody into the turnbuckle.

Back from commercial and Rollins is in control of Cody. He locks in Cody's head. Cody comes back with a back slide for a two count. Rollins kicks Cody and chokes him on the center rope. Reigns comes in a hits a splash. He locks in Cody's head. Cody gets to his feet, but Reigns hits a back elbow. Rollins comes in and kicks Cody in the gut. He kicks Cody in the back several times. Rollins hits a vertical Suplex on Cody from the apron. Reigns comes in and locks in Cody's head again.

Cody gets out. Reigns charges him. Cody side steps and Reigns crashes to the outside. Reigns comes back in and Cody hits a dropkick. Rollins comes in and dropkicks Goldust off the apron. Bryan and Ambrose get tagged in. Bryan hits his usual pumped up moves. He hits Ambrose with a corner dropkick and sets him up top. He head scissors Ambrose off the top and Reigns breaks up the pin. Goldust sends Reigns from the ring. Rollins sends Goldust from the ring. Cody takes out Rollins and Ambrose sends him from the ring.

Ambrose and Bryan both go for a crossbody at the same time and collide. Reigns goes to spear Goldust on the outside. Goldust moves and Reigns hits the steel steps. Back in the ring, Bryan kicks Ambrose repeatedly and hits a vertical Suplex. Bryan goes up top. Ambrose follows and superplexes him off. Cody breaks up the pin attempt. Rollins attacks Cody and tries to powerbomb him from the apron to the outside. Cody hangs onto the ropes. Ambrose punches from the ring Cody, and Rollins powerbombs Cody into Goldust. Cody and Goldust go flying over the announce table.

Bryan locks Ambrose in the Yes lock. Reigns tries to get involved. He clotheslines Reigns out of the ring, sends Ambrose out and nails both of them with a dive. He sends Ambrose back inside and hits him with the flying knee to the face for the win.

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and Goldust

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