'UFC 166: Velasquez Vs. Dos Santos 3' Results

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Shawn Jordan

Round 1: Gonzaga is sporting a wicked mustache for ths fight. Both guys are starting off slow, respecting each others' abilities. Gonzaga scores first with a stiff jab. Gonzaga just misses with a decent body punch attempt. Nice leg kick by Gonzaga. Jordan is pawing with the jab, but hasn't scored yet. Jordan misses a shot and Gonzaga drops him with a solid right hook. Perfect shot. Gonzaga jumps on top of Jordan and finishes the job with a series of punches. It's over that quick, folks. The official decision is a TKO, but the right hook that dropped Jordan was all that was needed.

Gabriel Gonzaga def. Shawn Jordan via TKO (strikes) at 1:33 of Round 1.

A very highly anticipated lightweight bout between former training partners is up next. Diego Sanchez is doing his "Yes!" chant on the way to the cage. Out next is the former Strikeforce lightweight champion and former UFC lightweight title contender, Gilbert Melendez.

Gilbert Melendez vs. Diego Sanchez

Round 1: The fans in Houston are hot for this one. Sanchez runs at Melendez as soon as the round begins. Melendez is pawing with the jab early on. Melendez attempts a high kick but Sanchez catches it and takes him down. Sanchez gets Melendez's back and Melendez stands up. Sanchez stays on Melendez's back and is looking for a standing rear-naked-choke. Melendez shucks him off. They scramble back to their feet and separate. Melendez lands a good shot to the body of Sanchez. Good leg kick by Sanchez. Sanchez attempts a big high-kick but Melendez blocks it. Sanchez looking for a takedown now but Melendez avoids it and hits Sanchez with a decent knee to the face. Sanchez lands a good punch to the face of Melendez. We're half way through the round. Sanchez with another failed takedown attempt. Melendez cracks Sanchez with a solid right hand. Sanchez with a good kick to the body of Melendez. Melendez answers back with a solid punch to Sanchez's face. Sanchez is cut and bleeding now as a result. Sanchez misses a spinning back-kick. Sanchez with another takedown attempt that is easily stuffed by Melendez. Melendez with a nice uppercut. Melendez with a nice body shot. Sanchez lands a decent body kick. Blood is pouring over the left eye of Sanchez. Sanchez stuns Melendez briefly with a good shot. The two slug like crazy animals to finish out the last 10 seconds of the round. Melendez drops Sanchez with a wild, looping hook. Sanchez popped right back up and the two traded crazy punches some more to finish the round. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Gilbert Melendez.

Round 2: Between rounds we see the cleaned up cut over Sanchez's left eye. It's a very bad cut. The second round begins and the two feel each other out for a little bit. A "let's go Diego" chant breaks out early on. Melendez is looking loose on his feet now, seemingly settling into his comfort zone. Sanchez connects with a decent right hand. Melendez answers back with one of his own. Melendez just misses a big knee to the face of Sanchez. Melendez lands a leg-kick and the referee breaks the action. They are checking the cut of Sanchez. They clean Sanchez's cut up a bit and the action resumes. The crowd popped huge for that. Good body kick by Melendez. Sanchez misses with a homerun right hook attempt. Both guys are swinging wildly again back and forth. Melendez landed the better shots in that exchange. Sanchez misses a big kick and falls down. Melendez tried to capitalize but Sanchez quickly returned to his feet. Melendez lands a good counter right hand as Sanchez was coming in. Sanchez lands a decent body kick. Melendez answers back with a combination of punches, finishing up with a strong body shot. Sanchez takes Melendez down but Melendez quickly gets back to his feet. Sanchez's eye is looking pretty bad again. Lots of blood pouring into the eye of Sanchez. Sanchez ended up on the ground after a punch by Melendez. That may have been a slip, however. Either way, both guys are back on their feet and trading punches. This fight is living up to the billing without a doubt. The horn sounds to end the second and the crowd explodes again. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Gilbert Melendez.

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