'UFC 166: Velasquez Vs. Dos Santos 3' Results

Round 3: The third round begins. Melendez lands a decent jab and misses on a wild body shot attempt. Sanchez answers back with a decent punch of his own. Sanchez works some kicks again. Both guys exchange punches wildly. Sanchez may have gotten the better of that particular exchange. Both guys trade a wild exchange of punches. And again. And again. Wow. The intensity is picking up like crazy now ladies and gentlemen. Melendez is scoring with the cleaner more powerful punches each time, despite the crowd chanting "Diego, Diego" now and the announcers putting over "what a savage" Sanchez is. Melendez is on his toes still here in the third, while Sanchez appears to be flat-footed. The referee breaks the action again and the crowd boo's like crazy. They are again checking the cut above Sanchez's left eye. The doctor can be heard saying, "it's going down the side," referring to the blood pouring out of Sanchez's face. The doctor exits the cage and the action will resume in a moment. The crowd explodes for that. A "Diego, Diego" chant immediately breaks out again as Sanchez lands a decent leg kick. Both guys are trading punches again and the crowd is going nuts. Sanchez pounds his chest after the exchange and tells Melendez to bring it on. The crowd reaction gets even louder. Another wild exchange and Sanchez drops Melendez! Amazing! Sanchez immediately jumps on Melendez's back on the ground and is looking for a rear-naked-choke. Melendez avoids it and Sanchez switches to a guillotine choke. It looked very tight but both guys are slippery and Melendez escapes. Melendez lands a huge knee as the two scramble back to their feet. One minute left in the round. The crowd is going absolutely ballistic. Another loud "Diego, Diego" chant breaks out. Melendez takes Sanchez down. Sanchez works his way back to his feet but Melendez is on his back. Melendez goes to take Sanchez down but Sanchez hits a nice switch and is on top of Melendez. They quickly scramble back to their feet. Sanchez lands a nice kick to the body. 10 seconds left in the third and final round of a crazy fight. The two swing like rockem-sockem robots to end the round in perfect fashion. Joe Rogan just called this the "new greatest fight." That round in particular was absolutely insane. Wow. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Diego Sanchez.

Gilbert Melendez def. Diego Sanchez via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-38) after 3 Rounds.

Coming up next is a highly anticipated heavyweight grudge match. Former Strikeforce Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier will battle former Ultimate Fighter winner, "Big Country" Roy Nelson.

Daniel Cormier vs. Roy Nelson

Round 1: The referee calls for the fight to begin and here we go with a heavyweight grudge match. Win or lose, Cormier claims he's moving to light heavyweight after this fight. Cormier takes Nelson down off a single-leg pick. Nelson has a half-butterfly guard now on the bottom. Cormier transitions to side-control on top. Nelson cradles up and is looking to scramble back to his feet. Cormier does a good job of controlling Nelson from the top. Cormier pushes Nelson against the cage on the ground. Nelson wall-walks half-way back to his feet. Cormier has solid body-control over Nelson. Nelson powers up, but Cormier takes him right back down. Cormier is looking to take Nelson's back but doesn't get it. Cormier lands a decent knee to the face of Nelson. Nelson locks Cormier's arm up in a standing-kimura attempt, likely trying to get Cormier off of him and create some distance. Cormier avoids it after a brief scare and is controlling Nelson like the master-wrestler that he is. Cormier is keeping Nelson pressed against the cage for the majority of the first round. Cormier lands a decent knee to Nelson. Cormier may have landed a low-blow to Nelson. The referee breaks the guys. The replay shows that Cormier barely grazed Nelson low. Nelson is taking advantage of the stoppage to catch his breath. The action resumes and Cormier lands a decent body kick. Nelson lands a decent overhand right that grazes the chin of Cormier. That was a brief scary moment for Cormier fans. Cormier lands a decent body kick. Cormier with some good punches to the face of Nelson. Nelson smiles. Cormier is smiling back. The horn sounds to end the first round. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Daniel Cormier.

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