'UFC 166: Velasquez Vs. Dos Santos 3' Results

Round 2: Velasquez scores first in the second round with a haymaker right hand. Dos Santos tries answering back but doesn't find the mark. Velasquez immediately bullies Dos Santos up against the fence again. Velasquez is landing some knees and kicks in close to the thighs of Dos Santos. Velasquez scores with a series of solid shots on the face of Dos Santos. Dos Santos tried bobbing and weaving, ala Anderson Silva, to avoid that combination from Velasquez. The two separate and Dos Santos is starting to bounce around on his toes now. Velasquez quickly closes the distance and pushes Dos Santos back up against the cage. The two separate again but within seconds, Velasquez pushes Dos Santos back aganist the cage. Dos Santos can't keep enough distance between the two to get anything going. This is quickly turning into a Velasquez fight. Dos Santos with a hip-toss on Velasquez but both guys immediately scramble back to their feet. Dos Santos' face is starting to swell up from the big shots landed by Velasquez. The two separate briefly again and Dos Santos lands a pretty decent shot on the side/back of Velasquez' head. Very similar to the shot that knocked him out in their first fight, however not as clean or as strong. "Junior may have hurt Cain at the end of that round," claims Joe Rogan as the horn sounds to end the second round. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Cain Velasquez.

Round 3: The third round begins and Velasquez immediately continues his gameplan of closing the distance and smothering Dos Santos up against the cage, all-the-while looking for a takedown. Dos Santos circles away for a bit, but eats a solid right hand from Velasquez for his effort. After that, Velasquez returns to form and has Dos Santos stuck against the cage yet again. 122 clinch strikes landed for Velasquez thus far, according to the graphic that was just shown on the screen. Dos Santos manages to create some space again and throws a wild haymaker punch that fails to find the mark. Velasquez pushes him against the cage again but Dos Santos is quick to get off this time. Both guys are circling now. Velasquez just nailed Dos Santos with an enormous shot and drops him. Velasquez almost stopped him with follow-up punches on the ground. Dos Santos is back to his feet and Velasquez drops him again. Referee Herb Dean touched Velasquez on the shoulder this time, nearly stopping the fight. Dos Santos is hurt but hanging in there as Velasquez pounds away at a standing Dos Santos against the fence. "The fence may be the only thing keeping him up, " says an excited Joe Rogan. 60 seconds left in the third round. Velasquez is continuing to smother Dos Santos aganist the cage and pick his shots. Good uppercut lands for Velasquez. Velasquez lands another huge bomb on the face of Dos Santos and Herb Dean almost steps in to stop it yet again. "What is keeping Dos Santos up?" says Joe Rogan. The crowd is going absolutely nuts in Houston, Texas, ladies and gentlemen. The horn sounds and Dos Santos survives a disasterous third round. The only debate in this round is whether to score it 10-8 or 10-7. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-8 for Cain Velasquez.

Round 4: The fourth round begins and almost immediately Velasquez blasts Dos Santos with an enormous shot. "How much more can he take," questions Joe Rogan. Seconds later, Velasquez lands one of his most vicious combinations of the fight. Several shots hurt Dos Santos very bad. Dos Santos may have the best chin in the UFC. Velasquez mixing up the attack now, as he lands a huge elbow on the face of Dos Santos as the two are pressed together up against the fence. Dos Santos clearly needs a knockout to have any chance of winning this fight, as a decision is completely out of the window at this point. Dos Santos, to his credit, is doing a good job of surviving. Velasquez backs up momentarily and Dos Santos wings a huge left hook that misses the mark. However, it's worth noting that Dos Santos appears to still have enough power in his shots to finish Velasquez if he's lucky enough for one to find the sweet spot. Dos Santos' face is a complete and utter mess at this point. "He's still got pop in his punches," explains Joe Rogan. The two separate and Dos Santos lands a decent uppercut on Velasquez. Velasquez again has Dos Santos stuck up against the cage and lands a decent elbow. Dos Santos tries to push Velasquez off, and he lands a decent elbow of his own. Velasquez appears to be bleeding now. Referee Herb Dean calls for a stop to the action to let the doctor check Dos Santos out. A close-up from the camera-man reveals a horribly swollen, battered, bruised and cut face of Dos Santos. The guy is badly beaten up but he is still giving it everything he has. The action resumes and Velasquez pushes Dos Santos back against the fence and goes back to work. Dos Santos lands a decent little elbow. The blood is running into Dos Santos' eye badly, as he keeps wiping his face every chance he gets. Velasquez with an elbow on Dos Santos. The round ends and the crowd is going completely nuts. Completely and totally nuts. "Wow! What a fight," exclaims Joe Rogan. And he's right. This fight is absolutely incredible. Sanchez-Melendez was a no-brainer for "Fight of the Night" up until this point, and will likely still win that bonus, but this fight is absolutely incredible in terms of a one-sided beatdown of a guy who refuses to quit, and still seems to have a chance to land a knockout shot if he can keep distance between himself and Velasquez long enough. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-8 for Cain Velasquez.

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