'UFC 166: Velasquez Vs. Dos Santos 3' Results

Round 5: The fifth and final round begins of an amazing fight, and yes, this is the best trilogy in UFC history now. They said it during all of the build up for this fight, and they lived up to every bit of the expectations. Dos Santos swings wildly as the final round begins, but Velasquez manages to avoid the majority of the onslaught. Velasquez again has Dos Santos where he's wanted him throughout the night, which is stuck up against the cage and getting beaten on. Velasquez is working hard for a takedown on Dos Santos now, but Dos Santos manages to avoid it. Velasquez settles for pushing Dos Santos back up against the fence. Dos Santos creates a little bit of space for just a moment and throws a homerun right hand that misses the mark. Velasquez jumps right back on top of him and continues to smother him up against the fence. We're half-way through the fifth and final round now as Velasquez continues to punish Dos Santos up against the cage. Velasquez backs up for just a moment, lands a big right hand, and goes for a takedown. Dos Santos defends it. Dos Santos goes for a choke, but doesn't get it. As they fall down to the mat together, with Dos Santos attempting to secure a choke, Dos Santos bounces his forehead off the mat. He sits up briefly, covers up and tucks his head. Velasquez throws a few punches and Herb Dean has seen enough. He stops the fight. Cain Velasquez finally manages to stop Dos Santos. What an amazingly dominant performance by the UFC heavyweight champion.

Cain Velasquez def. Junior Dos Santos via TKO (strikes) at 3:09 of Round 5 to retain the UFC Heavyweight Title.

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