'TNA Bound For Glory' Results - New Champions Crowned, EC III Debuts, More

- We go backstage to Jeremy Borash. He talks to Gunner and James Storm about their title defense.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Jesse Godderz and Robbie E vs. James Storm and Gunner

We go back to the ring and out comes Jesse Godderz and Robbie with Mr. Olympia again. TNA Tag Team Champions Gunner and James Storm are out next.

Lots of back and forth and tags to start the match. Gunner goes at it with Jesse now. Gunner drops him with an elbow for a 2 count. Gunner with a big knee in the corner and a slingshot suplex for 2. Gunner fights off both of them but gets knocked off the top by Jesse for a 2 count. Gunner gets double teamed as Robbie tags in. They keep Gunner in their own corner now. Gunner finally fights them both off and runs over Robbie with a high running knee. Gunner goes for a tag but Jesse knocks Storm off the apron.

More quick tags between Jesse and Robbie as they keep control of Gunner. Gunner with a big fallaway slam. Storm finally tags in as Robbie does. Storm unloads on both opponents. Storm with a neckbreaker and a 2 count on Robbie. All four end up in the ring going at it now. Jesse and Robbie go for a double superplex on Storm but Gunner pulls Robbie away with an electric chair. Storm knocks Jesse off the top onto Robbie. Storm flies off the top and gets a close 2 count. Gunner unloads on both men now. Lots more back and forth with everyone in the ring. Godderz and Robbie get the win and the titles.

Winners and New TNA Tag Team Champions: Jesse Godderz and Robbie E

- We get highlights from Kurt Angle's Hall of Fame dinner last night. Jeremy Borash calls Sting out to the ring to officially induct Angle into the TNA Hall of Fame. Sting comes out and praises Angle.

Sting introduces Angle and out he comes to a big pop. Fans chant Angle's name as he takes the mic. Angle thanks God, his family and his fans. He says this induction means more to him than anyone will ever know. Fans chant "thank you Angle" now. Angle seems to cut his speech sort and says he can't put everything into words, he couldn't do them justice. He hangs Sting the mic back. Sting asks Angle to join him in the Hall of Fame and presents Angle with a Rolex watch. A "you deserve it" chant starts up. Angle takes back the mic. He says the reaction from the fans and what Sting said made him realize how important this induction is and the responsibility that goes with it. Angle says he has let himself, his family and his peers down by not living up to his full potential and the standard that Sting set for the Hall of Fame. Angle respectfully declines the Hall of Fame induction. Angle says everything he's accomplished in the past is nothing compared to what he's going to accomplish in the future. Angle says when he is worthy, he will join Sting in the Hall of Fame. They embrace and that's it.

- Dixie Carter is backstage when she gets a phone call. She tells the person on the other end since it's AJ Styles' last night in TNA, she wants all his merchandise on sale and gone. Ethan Carter III walks up. Apparently their family motto is "The world needs us, we're the Carters." Dixie wishes him good luck.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB

We go to the ring and out first comes Gail Kim followed by Brooke. The TNA Knockouts Champion ODB is out next.

Kim gets sent to the floor early on as Brooke works over ODB. Brooke drops ODB on her face for a 2 count. Brooke uses the ropes to choke her now. Brooke keeps control and nails a neckbreaker. Brooke with another neckbreaker for a 2 count. Gail pulls Brooke's legs and applies a Figure Four on the ring post. Gail brings it back in the ring but Brooke kicks her in the head. ODB with a flying forearm on Gail. Brooke and ODB trade shots now.

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