This episode of Impact Wrestling was the go-home show to the biggest company pay per view of the year, Bound for Glory. It concentrated on further building scheduled matches, particularly the X Division, Tag Team and World Heavyweight Championship bouts.

The four corners tag team title advantage match, pitting Robbie E. vs. Eric Young vs. Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels was decent. The competition was good, and I suppose that Robbie E won the match to not make the Bro Mans be totally irrelevant. There were hints of a possible feud with them and Storm/Gunner, but instead, they get "out-Bro-Manned" by ODB. Better choice of usage for the team.

Gunner vs. Knux was another showing of the irrelevancy of Aces and Eights. It is a fact that neither Knux or Bischoff aren't any kind of purposeful use, and hopefully the group disbands sooner or later. Knux and Bischoff staying a team while no longer being Aces and Eights would be a better option, but that is not saying much. Gunner, however, continues to look impressive, and has proven the critics of him being a babyface to be wrong.

Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin was a good match, with Samoa Joe gaining some momentum heading to the Ultimate X match. This should be one of the best matches of the card, with five participants who can make it memorable. The interaction with all the other participants was a good touch, but it is interesting that they are making Austin Aries more of a heel again. It does not seem as if TNA has strong plans for him in the near future due to his flip-flopping.

The Bully Ray d. Magnus outcome made sense for the respective PPV feuds, but it is still not a very good way to properly build Magnus. In the beginning of the show, Magnus did a good job garnering face pops, and he can be a main-eventer sooner than later. Most likely, he will defeat Sting clean, which will help him propel to be a top guy for the company. Hopefully no swerve takes place, as this would actually lose stock for Magnus. He is someone has all the components, but will not succeed as a main event star if mishandled.

Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode has shaped up to be a very good angle. Both are very good wrestlers, and have the passion on the mic to hold their own in any feud. It did not not take much time at all to make this match intriguing, which says a great deal of the ability of both wrestlers. Should be a fantastic match to see, as their match two years ago at BFG was good.

The contract signing was a last-ditch attempt to create buzz for the main event between champion Bully Ray and challenger A.J. Styles. The "$50,000" bounty was an interesting element of Impact, and Bully Ray used it during the signing segment to lead to the usual physical contact that happens just about every time. The match will definitely deliver, and I must say that I commend TNA for how they used their creative juices to re-brand Styles over the past year after losing the match at Turning Point last year which prohibited him from wrestling for the title for one year.

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