We get highlights from Kurt Angle's Hall of Fame dinner last night. Jeremy Borash calls Sting out to the ring to officially induct Angle into the TNA Hall of Fame. Sting comes out and praises Angle.

Sting introduces Angle and out he comes to a big pop. Fans chant Angle's name as he takes the mic. Angle thanks God, his family and his fans. He says this induction means more to him than anyone will ever know. Fans chant "thank you Angle" now. Angle seems to cut his speech sort and says he can't put everything into words, he couldn't do them justice. He hangs Sting the mic back. Sting asks Angle to join him in the Hall of Fame and presents Angle with a Rolex watch. A "you deserve it" chant starts up. Angle takes back the mic. He says the reaction from the fans and what Sting said made him realize how important this induction is and the responsibility that goes with it. Angle says he has let himself, his family and his peers down by not living up to his full potential and the standard that Sting set for the Hall of Fame. Angle respectfully declines the Hall of Fame induction. Angle says everything he's accomplished in the past is nothing compared to what he's going to accomplish in the future. Angle says when he is worthy, he will join Sting in the Hall of Fame. They embrace and that's it.

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