WWE Monday Night RAW Results - New Tag Title #1 Contenders, Big Show's Big Rig, More

WWE Monday Night RAW Results - New Tag Title #1 Contenders, Big Show's Big Rig, More

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- Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with a look at Cody Rhodes and Goldust winning the WWE Tag Team Titles from The Shield on last week's RAW.

- We're live from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN as Triple H makes his way out to the ring with Stephanie McMahon. We see footage from where Daniel Bryan gave Big Show tickets to Friday's SmackDown and knocked out Brad Maddox.

Stephanie speaks and says the fans are just jealous as they boo. She talks about Sunday's Hell In a Cell pay-per-view and talks about some of the matches. Triple H talks about Shawn Michaels being the special referee. Triple H says the fans trust Shawn and so does he. Triple H trusts Shawn because he respects Shawn more than any other man in WWE. Big Show appears on the big screen and yells about respect. He says Triple H and Stephanie don't know the meaning of the word. Stephanie goes ringside to get Show pulled from the big screen while Triple H argues with him. Triple H calls him a loser and talks about how he's broke. Triple H says Big Show is done and he's glad he's done. Big Show asks Triple H if he's mad Show is suing him for the dollars remaining on his contract and other things. Big Show asks if Triple H woke up on the wrong side of the bed and takes a knock at Stephanie. She tells him to shut up. Show fires back and tells her to shut her mouth. Stephanie counts down from 3 and Big Show is cut off from the big screen. Triple H calls him the man formerly known as Big Show. Triple H brings out Dean Ambrose but Daniel Bryan's music hits instead and out he comes.

Bryan dances around the ring chanting "yes!" as Stephanie and Triple H look at him from the ring. We go to commercial.

Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose

Back from the break and WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose is making his way out. They lock up and go at it. Bryan drops Ambrose with a dropkick. Ambrose comes back with chops to the chest. Bryan turns it around in the corner with chops of his own. Bryan with kicks in the corner now.

More back and forth. Bryan nails another nice dropkick and covers for 2. Bryan works on the shoulder and hits Ambrose with more kicks. Bryan with more kicks but he misses a dropkick. Ambrose drops a forearm to the face and covers for 2. Ambrose with more offense and a 2 count. They end up on the floor and Bryan leaps off the apron but moves. Ambrose lays Bryan out with a clothesline on the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Bryan is trying to make a comeback in the ring but Ambrose stops him with a knee to the gut. Ambrose with a kick to the head, some shots to the gut and then a dropkick to the chest for a 2 count. Ambrose with a headlock now. Bryan tries for a counter but Ambrose blocks it and backdrops Bryan for 2. Ambrose with a head scissors now. Bryan turns it around and applies a surfboard submission. Ambrose breaks it and Bryan gets caught in the eye. Bryan fights back from the apron and goes to the top. Ambrose cuts him off and climbs up for a superplex. Ambrose nails it and covers for a 2 count. Ambrose with another headlock now.

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