WWE Monday Night RAW Results - New Tag Title #1 Contenders, Big Show's Big Rig, More

- Up next, the big contract signing. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Justin Roberts introduces Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to preside over the Hell In a Cell contract signing. The ring is set up for a typical contract signing. Randy Orton is out next followed by Daniel Bryan. Out next comes the special referee Shawn Michaels.

Triple H gives Shawn a grand introduction and out he comes to a big pop. Stephanie welcomes us to the signing. As the face of WWE, Orton is allowed to speak first. He gives credit to Bryan for coming right back after getting beat down each week. Orton says Bryan won't be getting right back up after the beating at Hell In a Cell. Orton says he has survived The Undertaker at Hell In a Cell, he's beaten Cena and Sheamus inside the Cell. Orton says Bryan has no idea what he's getting into. Orton is going to make sure Bryan's first Hell In a Cell will be his last. Orton signs the contract.

Bryan says he expects threats like that from Orton. Bryan says we all know if it weren't for The Authority, he would be standing here as the WWE Champion. Fans start a "yes!" chant. Bryan says they both know he is capable of smashing in the so-called face of WWE. Bryan has two words for us... no, not quite. Bryan says thank you. He thanks Orton for pushing him and allowing him to prove he's more than a B+ player. He thanks Orton for exposing himself as a patsy and exposing Stephanie and Triple H as the narcissistic spoiled brats that they are. Bryan signs the contract. Triple H says he's seen guys like Bryan come and go - Edge, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho. Triple H says they were talented but not the one. Triple H says if any of those guys had been the face of WWE back in the day, we all would be working for Ted Turner now. Triple H says Bryan might prove to the world that all he is is a B+ player by stepping inside the Cell. Bryan says Triple H talks a big game behind his suit. He challenges Bryan to wrestle him. Triple H says Bryan doesn't even know what's going on. Triple H says if he does return, which he's capable of doing, it's going to be a star like The Undertaker, The Rock or Brock Lesnar. It sure as hell wouldn't be Daniel Bryan. Triple H fights A+ players because they want to fight a star. Triple H wouldn't waste his time fighting someone like Bryan. He says Shawn Michaels should have never wasted his time training Bryan. HBK speaks up and says Bryan is very good and he didn't waste his time. Fans cheer.

HBK asks what has happened to Triple H... the guy who rode the tank into WCW, the guy who played strip poker on TV. HBK doesn't care if he trained Bryan or if Triple H is COO. Fans voted for HBK to crown a new WWE Champion and that's what he's going to do. Orton says he told Triple H, he warned him HBK had an agenda against Orton. Triple H comes face to face with HBK. Triple H says at the end of the day, Shawn will do what's right. HBK says he's right, he's going to do what's right for the business he and the fans love. HBK asks what Triple H has against Bryan - his size, his grotesque beard, the fact that he marches to his own beat? Or is it because everything Triple H has thrown at him, it's turned out that Bryan proved Triple H wrong? Fans start chanting "yes" again. Orton tells Bryan he can't beat him, it shows in his eyes. Orton starts chanting "yes" and fans chant "no." It looks like a fight is breaking out when we see a big rig truck pull up out back. Big Show is driving it. Show drives the big rig through the backstage area and out into the arena. Show honks the horn as everyone looks on shocked from the ring and the fans pop. Fans chant "yes." Show signals for Orton to turn around and he does. Bryan lays Orton out as fans chant "yes" and Bryan leaves the ring. Triple H looks on as Big Show climbs up on the truck. Bryan's music hits and we get replays. RAW goes off the air with Bryan standing on top of Show's big rig chanting with the fans.

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