- You can check out Paul Heyman's promo from last night's RAW before Curtis Axel was slated to meet Big E Langston in the video above. Heyman went absolutely nutty, comparing himself to lava in a volcano that's about to explode and devastate a village. He eventually calmed down and said that he wasn't locked in a cell with CM Punk, but rather Punk was locked in a cell with him.

- As noted last night, the angle with The Big Show driving the big rig backstage on RAW was pre-taped, as the monster truck was already behind the curtain visible to the live audience and ready to come out when the footage aired. WrestlingINC.com reader Joshua Britt, who was at last night's show, noted that footage of The Big Show driving the big rig played on the titan-tron for a second when fans were first filing in before the Superstars taping.

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