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The Ultimate Warrior recently sat down for an interview with YouTube user FrenchyRom. Here are some highlights from the interview.

If it fun to into character for the WWE 2K14 commercial: "No. I wouldn't say it's not fun, but it's different. It's very interesting to me. When I was on the road and I was doing it everyday, it was something I did everyday. I'm not the same person. I'm not that guy anymore in a lot of ways. So, for me to paint my face, it makes me think of things that I don't think about all the time and I have a hard time pushing out of my mind when I'm painting my face.

"At the time, when I was up and down the road doing my gimmick, through painting my face and putting the gimmick on I became a character. That character just operated in a whole different way. I don't operate my life in that way. I'm still very intense in my life. I have an intense personality and a lot of the qualities that the Ultimate Warrior had still apply to my everyday life. But, painting my face, it's kind of a weird thing, yeah. It's weird, but it was fun too. Doing the commercial was an absolute blast. They had really great people on it."

How he would alter the Ultimate Warrior character to fit in today's WWE: "That's a good question too, because a lot of people talk about that. They talk about, would the Ultimate Warrior character fit into today's business? When I developed the Ultimate Warrior character and kept evolving the character, I knew, there was no question that it would work because it was working. So in today's business, if I would just plop down in today's business, I don't even know that my creative mind would even go there to think about a character like that. If you're talking about, if you just took Ultimate Warrior as a character, already developed, and set him down in today's business, I think Warrior would work better simply because the business is different. Back in the day when they shot television, these superstar character wrestled against unknown guys for two or three minutes, and then you went to the house shows and pay per views and everything else to see the matches between the superstars.

"Business is different today. It's more about story telling. Somebody there, I would think anyway, has much more knowledge than I do to understand that that's what the audience wants. That's what the ticket buyers want from the business today, do more of the story telling stuff. They've done some great story telling that doesn't so much… it may end up being a match, a wrestling thing in the ring, but it doesn't have to be that every time they get in the ring. It can be something else. Animosity, beefs, attitudes, stuff like that between people.

"I don't know. If I was young again and wanted to be a professional wrestler first thing I'd do is get jacked all to hell is what I'd do. I'd go in and get jacked."

How has his relationship with WWE gotten better: "It's improved from this standpoint. We aren't fighting anymore. That's it. Nothing else. That's it. We're not fighting anymore and I like that. All those years of fighting taught me some things. I think it taught everyone some things. It taught me a lot of things that are valuable to my life now and I wouldn't be who I am today without all that fighting. It took me out of the business, but I wouldn't be who I am. Yeah, with Triple H, he's made an incredible career for himself, hasn't he? Probably from the five minutes he spent with me and I was an a**hole to him. That's what I think. [laughter] He learned more from that then from anything else."

If he's aware that Owen Hart's widow mentioned in her book that Owen spoke highly of him: "Yeah, [he was] my friend. Owen, and there's another guy in the business, Jimmy Powers, he was another one of my buddies. I hung out with those guys. I hung out a lot with the ring crew guys. I got along better with them then I did the other guys, the other talent. The guys that show up early in the morning and set the ring up and stay there all day, and then take the ring down and drive five and six hours that night to get to the next show. I had more respect for those guys then I did some of the superstars. So, Owen was a really good friend of mine. He was an awesome guy."

You can check out the whole interview above.

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