- You can check out the latest episode of Pro Wrestling 101 above. In the video, Justin Credible discussed the importance of wrestling based on your placement on the card.

- Speaking of Justin Credible, we noted earlier that he had an altercation with Matt Striker this past Saturday at an NYWC event in Deer Park, NY. Justin beat Striker in a "pure" wrestling match, which prohibited the use of punches or running the ropes. After the match was over, Striker was supposed to beat Credible down, but instead threw a chair to Justin's face and busted him open hardway.

WrestlingINC.com reader Brandon Bonilla ( @VanillaOne127 ), who was at the show, noted that it was apparent that Justin was physically hurt as he immediately started to bleed. Striker walked to the back as Justin sat by the bottom turnbuckle while referees and medical personnel checked on him. Justin then got up and stormed to the back. It was obvious that he was legitimately angry and even the camera man had a worried look on his face.

Justin posted his latest Daily Hardcore Ramblings blog at this link and noted that his upper body was covered in blood after the chair shot. He also detailed confronting Striker backstage.

"Well when I went to the back I was a little annoyed, and it didn't help that Matt was right there already starting to talk s--t to the promoter," Justin wrote. "I'm not mad at getting hit. I'm mad at the way he is manipulating things in the locker room, and to the NYWC officals. When he started to say he was sorry, I felt more anger, and basically told him to f-ck off. He kept taking sh-t, and then the boys got in the middle, and I walked away. I have no idea what he's trying to accomplish with this, but Matt if something like this ever happens again, I WILL KILL YOU. I just want you to remember, we are 'working' each other again very soon. I'm really looking forward to that match."

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