The show opens with a recap of the tag title match last week and Corey Graves turning on Adrian Neville.

Then, Graves is on the ramp in a suit. He says he supposes that an explanation is in order and that he supposes Neville wants to know why he did what he did. Neville blindsides him and attacks him down the ramp. The fight spews into the ring and a pair of refs come down and separate them. Graves rolls out of the ring to leave. Neville hits him with a dive and more refs run out and hold them apart.

Tensai is on commentary for the show.

Emma vs. Sasha Banks (with Summer Rae)

Sasha pushes Emma. Emma pushes back. Sasha pushes again. Emma hits a take down and slams Sasha's head into the mat repeatedly. Emma hits an arm drag and keeps Sasha's arm locked in. Emma gets several quick pin attempts and another arm drag. She keeps Sasha's arm locked in again. Sasha gets out and shoves Emma. She slams Emma's head into the turnbuckle. She slams Emma into another turnbuckle and then talks trash. Another head turnbuckle slam from Sasha. Sasha tries again, but Emma reverses and slams Sasha's head into the turnbuckle repeatedly.

Emma charges Sasha in the corner. Sasha moves and Emma collides into the corner. Sasha slams Emma to the mat for a two count. She locks in Emma's head from behind. Back from commercial and Sasha has a body scissors locked in, along with Emma's head. Emma fights to her feet, but Sasha takes her back down. Emma gets to her feet again and gets out via gut shots. She bounces off the ropes, but Sasha knocks her down. Sasha talks trash and shoves Emma around on the mat. Emma slaps Sasha in the face. Sasha freaks out and slaps Emma in the back repeatedly.

Emma ducks a clothesline and hits two clotheslines of her own. Emma locks Sasha in the tarantula and Sasha falls to a seated position in the corner. Emma somersaults across the ring and hits her running crossbody. She drags Sasha out of the corner and gets a near pin fall. Emma slingshots Sasha's face into the mat. She starts to lock in the Emma Lock, but Summer gets up on the apron. Emma hits Summer. Paige runs out and pulls Summer off the apron. Sasha rolls Emma up in the confusion for the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

After the match, Sasha talks more trash on Emma, making crybaby gestures. Paige slowly gets into the ring behind her. Paige goes for a clothesline, but Sasha ducks it and Paige hits Emma. Sasha and Summer leave as Paige and Emma have words in the ring.

Then, Bo Dallas is shown walking backstage as part of a exclusive from last week. He is asked for his comments on defending the NXT Title last week in a controversial fashion. Dallas says he's still the NXT Champion and that's all that matters. He says he has a huge announcement and that he is going to take a well-deserved vacation. He says he is going to tour the world. He is going to make a special stop in Bolivia and give 10000 squirt guns to starving children and that it's going to be a blast. He says konichiwa until he sees them again. He then says don't stop Bolieving.

Casey Maron and Tommy Taylor vs. The Ascension

The crowd chants Let's Go These Guys! Maron and O'Brian start off. They lock up. O'Brian tosses him into the corner and hits a body avalanche. Victor comes in and stomps Maron. He takes Maron to another corner and hits a series of chops and uppercuts. Victor tosses Maron spine first to the mat. O'Brian comes in and hits a trio of shoulder blocks. Victor comes in and hits Maron in the stomach. He kicks Maron in the back of the head.

Victor dropkicks Taylor off the apron. O'Brian tags in and they double team slam Maron to the mat. Victor gets tagged in and they hit their double team sweep kick/heel kick move for the win.

Winners: The Ascension

Then, a recap of the NXT Championship match from last week is shown. Another exclusive from last week shows Sami Zayn walking backstage. He's asked for his thoughts on JBL restarting the match after Zayn won. Zayn says he had the title in his hands. He says he has no problem with JBL restarting the match because Bo's feet were clearly on the ropes. He says he does have a problem with JBL not restarting the match when Bo used the exposed turnbuckle to win. He says he's starting to understand what Daniel Bryan is going through, feeling like he's not the chosen guy. He says everyone knows Triple H runs NXT, and then all of a sudden JBL becomes GM and this sort of stuff starts to happen. He says next time the NXT Title ends up in his hands, it's staying there for good.

Back from commercial and JBL is backstage with Renee Young. Young starts to ask about Sami Zayn and JBL asks her if she's wearing an NXT issued tank top. Young says no and that she can change it. She asks his thoughts on what Zayn said. JBL says he guesses Copernicus was wrong, the world and universe revolves around Sami Zayn. He says Zayn will blame everything for losing. He says a mistake by the referee was overturned because it's what's best for business. He says he can't be bought and that Triple H is a professional. He says that we won't be seeing Zayn for a while and suggests Zayn look up JBL and see what he's messing with. He suggests Zayn apologizes and then he might think about bringing him back. Until then, Zayn won't come back until they decide so. He says Zayn can think about that. He says that perhaps Young can think about finding a new shirt and walks off.

CJ Parker vs. Alexander Rusev

Before the match, Parker comes out with Tyler Breeze's phone. Rusev doesn't come out with Sylvester LeFort and Scott Dawson for some reason.

They lock up and Rusev powers Parker to the corner. He hits Parker with knees to the gut and a kick to the face. He clubs Parker in the back. Rusev drops a headbutt. He whips Parker and crashes into him. Rusev charges Parker in the corner and slams into Parker with his back as some blonde lady walks down to the ring. Rusev locks in the camel clutch and Parker taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

The lady continues walking around the ring, smiling at Rusev. She then walks up the ramp and leaves.

Back from commercial and footage is shown from the break of Tyler Breeze coming out to the ring and hitting his spinning heel kick. He cuts off some of Parker's dreadlocks and takes his phone back.

Corey Graves vs. Adrian Neville

Neville immediately hits Graves with a dropkick. He kicks and strikes Grave in the corner. Graves fights back with strikes. They briefly exchange kicks, and then Neville kicks Graves in another corner. Graves ends up on the apron, and Neville dropkicks him to the outside. Neville hits a suicide dive. Neville rolls Graves back in the ring for a two count. Neville kicks Graves in the chest. Graves trips him and stomps the back of his leg. He sets Neville's foot on the rope and goes to kick it, but Neville rolls out of the way and kicks Graves in the chest.

Neville tries to keep the attack up, but Graves kicks his legs out and sets him up in the corner, his leg wrapped around the middle rope. Graves drops a knee on Neville's leg. He strikes Neville on the mat and then pulls him out of the corner. He drops a fist on Neville's mid section. Graves kicks Neville against the ropes and drives his boot into Neville's throat. Graves picks Neville up and drops his leg onto his knee. Graves drops a fist on Neville's head. Graves locks in a leg submission. Neville kicks out of it, but Graves hits a headbutt.

Graves goes to drop Neville's leg across his knee again, but Neville flips out and gets a quick pin attempt. Graves goes right back to Neville's leg. Graves locks in the same leg submission again. Neville fights out via elbows to the head. Graves tosses Neville to the ropes. Neville bounces off and hits a crossbody. He then knocks Graves down several times with forearms. Neville hits a corner clothesline. He goes up top and leaps off, but Graves moves. Neville lands on his feet and favors his leg. Graves tries to attack, but Neville reverses into a pin attempt. Graves hits the chop block to the knee. Graves locks in Lucky 13 and Neville taps.

Winner: Corey Graves

After the match, Graves locks in Lucky 13 again outside of the ring. Refs come down and pull Graves off.

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