WWE NXT Recap: EMMA Vs. Banks, Parker Vs. Rusev, Neville Vs. Graves, The Ascension, More

Neville tries to keep the attack up, but Graves kicks his legs out and sets him up in the corner, his leg wrapped around the middle rope. Graves drops a knee on Neville's leg. He strikes Neville on the mat and then pulls him out of the corner. He drops a fist on Neville's mid section. Graves kicks Neville against the ropes and drives his boot into Neville's throat. Graves picks Neville up and drops his leg onto his knee. Graves drops a fist on Neville's head. Graves locks in a leg submission. Neville kicks out of it, but Graves hits a headbutt.

Graves goes to drop Neville's leg across his knee again, but Neville flips out and gets a quick pin attempt. Graves goes right back to Neville's leg. Graves locks in the same leg submission again. Neville fights out via elbows to the head. Graves tosses Neville to the ropes. Neville bounces off and hits a crossbody. He then knocks Graves down several times with forearms. Neville hits a corner clothesline. He goes up top and leaps off, but Graves moves. Neville lands on his feet and favors his leg. Graves tries to attack, but Neville reverses into a pin attempt. Graves hits the chop block to the knee. Graves locks in Lucky 13 and Neville taps.

Winner: Corey Graves

After the match, Graves locks in Lucky 13 again outside of the ring. Refs come down and pull Graves off.

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