TNA Impact Results: AJ Vs Bully, Anderson Returns And More

TNA Impact Results: AJ Vs Bully, Anderson Returns And More
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We open with a recap of Bound For Glory. They show us all the match results and title changes from the show. They hype the rematch between AJ and Bully Ray for tonight.

Impact is live from Salt Lake City. Dixie Carter's music hits and she comes out to a small amount of heat. The ring is set up with a big "Welcome Back AJ Styles Banner" and a table full of AJ merchandise. Dixie says that tonight is about someone very important. She says that she may have made a mistake, and tonight she needs to make up for that. She says that is all in the past, and now she is focusing on the future. She says the future is a legend, and someone she is proud to call her World Heavyweight Champion. She introduces the new champion, AJ Styles.

AJ comes down to a pretty big pop from the crowd. He enters the ring and shows off the world title. Dixie says that she is not expecting a thank you tonight, and that for the last six weeks it has all about her motivating him to glory. She says that AJ was in a slump, but she is here to help him. She says to look at what the brilliance of Dixie has gotten him. She said that he wanted to make her pay, so now she is going to pay. She says he is going to get his own dressing room. She gives AJ something that used to belong to Hogan, like a watch or something. She reveals a convertible for AJ. She asks if AJ is ready to move forward.

AJ asks if she thinks he will be on Team Dixie. He says all these material things are a manipulation from Dixie, and he isn't buying it. He says that when he meant that she was going to pay, he didn't mean anything material. He denounces all of her gifts. He says that this all could have been avoided months ago, and that she didn't believe in him, she bet against him.

Dixie asks him to calm down, and that maybe she crossed the line Sunday. She talks about the match tonight, and says that he does not have to do that. She says right now they can go on her jet and go someplace fun. All she asks is that he and her be on the same side, and she will cancel the match.

Bully comes down to the ring with Brooke, but we are going to commercial first.

We are back and Bully is in the ring with a mic. He says that he did not travel all the way to Salt Crap City for his title shot to be canceled. AJ tells him to shut up for a second, and that he will get his turn. AJ asks Dixie if she thinks that he is leaving on her jet she is dumber then we all thought. AJ says that the rematch clause might work if he is under contract, but he isn't. He says that tonight he is the champion, and he will defend it tonight.

Bully reminds AJ that he isn't fighting Dixie, he is fighting him. He says AJ got lucky at BFG, and that it was Earl Hebners fault. He claims that he kicked out of the Spinal Tap, but Hebner missed it. That is the only way that AJ could have beaten him. Bully say he is going to beat the piss out of AJ, and take back his title. He says that in the professional wrestling business, AJ is a boy and he is a god. And if god was a bully, he would be him.

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