TNA Impact Results: AJ Vs Bully, Anderson Returns And More

Barnes picks EC3 up, but EC3 switches the hold and hits a headlock driver for the three count.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Carter tries to draw some heat from the crowd but they are not really having it. He grabs a mic and says that he is EC3 and that he is a Carter, the world needs us.

Up next, Angle will be out to talk about what he did at BFG as we go to ads.

We are back and we see a recap of Magnus and Sting from BFG.

Sting and Magnus are talking backstage. Magnus says that he watched the match from BFG, and that he realized that he did not show the right amount of respect. Magnus says that he got caught up in the moment and he is sorry. Sting says they are fine and he is wondering if he passed the torch to Magnus, or lit a fire underneath him. Magnus says that this is Sting's world, and he is just living in it.

We get a recap from Angle turning down the induction and losing to Roode.

Angle's music hits and he comes down in ring gear. Angle has a mic and says that last weekend was a tough weekend for him to forget. He says that at BFG, he could not accept the HOF reward. He says that he has so much more to prove, but when that time comes, he will take his place in hte HOF. He says that his match with Roode was one of the most physical matches he has ever been in, and that he did lose the match.

Roode comes out alone and he stares down Angle in the ring. He says that it is pathetic listening to excuse after excuse from Angle. He says that the real reason he declined his induction was that he knew deep down inside that he could not beat Roode. He says it was a good choice, because he did beat Angle, fair and square. He says that for two long years, he has lived with a sense of failure because Angle beat him at BFG for the World Title, but now it is Angle's turn to have that sense of failure.

Angle says that Roode may be one bad ass SOB, but he is not better then him. He says that he is not going to make any excuses, but to challenge him to a match, right now. Roode says "You want to wrestle me?" and takes off his jacket. He says that he would love to wrestle Kurt, but Angle cannot wrestle. Roode hands Angle a note, and that the note is from a doctor saying Kurt tore the cartilidge in his knee and he is not cleared to wrestle. Angle looks at the note and says he is not cleared to wrestle, but the doctor didn't say anything about a fight.

Angle punches Roode, and they fight but security is quickly out and they separate the two.

We see Bully backstage yelling at Garrett and Knux and Bully is asking if they see how selfish Anderson is now. He asks them to go down to the jail and see that Anderson does not post bail. They agree and leave as we go to commercial.

We are back and Dixie is on the phone talking to someone. She says that she needs something right now, and that she needed this yesterday.

The Bromans are out to celebrate their tag team victory at BFG. They are both holding bottles of liquor. The ring has a DJ and a table of booze and protein bars in it. Robbie has a mic and introduces the DJ. Robbie says asks if this is a party or what bro. He says that at BFG, it was the biggest night in Broman history. The crowd chants "You can't wrestle" at the Bromans. Robbie says that it was the biggest night because...and Storm's music plays.

Storm and Gunner come down and Storm is drinking and Storm kicks the DJ out of the ring. Storm pops open the bottle of champagne and Gunner eats the protein bars. Storm says they are taking the booze and the bars, but they can keep their sisters skinny jeans. He says that they can also keep the worlds shortest tag title reign because next week...and EGO's music plays.

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