TNA Impact Results: AJ Vs Bully, Anderson Returns And More

Daniels and Kaz come out and Kaz ridicules all the people in the ring. He says that they don't get to celebrate yet, but they are going to petition for a tag title shot. Daniels gets the mic and says that they have the wrong drinks for a celebration. Beer is for the lower class and only posers drink champagne. You celebrate a victory with a man's drink, and appletini. Storm takes a sip, spits it out and punches Daniels.

All the guys start beating each other and Eric Young and Joseph Parks come down. Daniels breaks a bottle over Park's head and he is busted open. Park's begins to turn into Abyss and chokeslams Jesse Godderz. We then go to commercial.

We are back and they plug the 24/7 thing online.

Roode vs Angle is announced for next weeks Impact.

It is time for the world title match, and Bully is out first with Brooke. AJ is out next to probably the biggest pop of the night. AJ has his ribs taped up. JB introduces the men, but Bully cuts him off. Bully says that he does not need anybody to introduce himself and he begins to introduce himself, but AJ cuts him off and the bell rings.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: AJ Styles vs Bully Ray

AJ knocks Bully into the corner and chops away. AJ rocks him into the corner and hits a snapmare and kick to the back. He throws Bully off the ropes and hits a dropkick. He charges at Ray but Bully catches him with an elbow. Bully punches him a few times, but AJ hits a big enzughiri for a two count.

AJ works on Bully, but Bully hits a big back body drop on AJ. The ref checks on AJ as we go to commercials.

We are back and Bully is in control. AJ fights back and goes off the ropes and both men hit clotheslines and go down. Bully gets up and locks in a bearhug. AJ gets out, but Bully hits another back body drop for a two count. Bully goes for an elbow drop but AJ rolls out of the way. Both men get up and trade punches. Bully is noticebally missing his punches. They have a stand off and AJ hits a clothesline and a spin kick. He hits a springboard forearm for a two count.

AJ tries to go for a fireman's carry, but can't get Bully up. Bully hits a samoan drop for a two count. Bully goes to the top rope, but AJ gets up top to stop him. Bully pushes him off but misses a big back senton off the top. AJ goes for the springboard 450 but misses. Bully sits AJ up on the top rope and throws him off, and Hebner gets knocked down.

AJ locks in the calf slicer on Ray and Ray taps, but the ref is down. AJ lets go and tries to wake up Hebnar and Ray picks up the steel chain and takes it to AJ's face. He hits a running cutter but it is only good for a two count. Bully can't believe it as he cries in the corner. Bully still has the chain as he waits for AJ to get up. Anderson comes out of nowhere and distracts Bully Ray. AJ comes over and hits a crucifix for a quick three count.

Winner and still TNA Worldheavyweight Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, Bully and Anderson fight up the entrance ramp.

Dixie comes out with a clipboard with paper that says AJ Styles on it, and she is coming to the ring right now as we go to commercial.

We are back and Dixie is coming down to the ring. Everyone else is gone and just AJ is in the ring. Dixie says that AJ turned down her gifts, but now she has a contract for AJ Styles. She says it is full of everything he ever wanted. She says that because she is so sweet, she is still giving him the car as a singing bonus. She says she wants AJ in TNA, and that they should put all of this behind them.

AJ grabs the clipboard while the crowd chants "Read the contract". AJ says that it is an amazing contract, by a horrible human being. He says a human being that uses the blood sweat and tears to pad her bank account. AJ says that she didn't believe in him months ago when he had no contract, and he rips up the contract. The crowd chants "Yes, Yes."

AJ says that money can't fix her problem, and that she doesn't respect the title, him or the fans. AJ says that she is going to pay by taking the World Title. He says that he is leaving, because these people deserve a champion. He says that he is taking the tile somewhere else, he is taking it somewhere, it is really hard to hear. He grabs the car keys and Impact ends with AJ driving away with the title.

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