WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: Rhodes, Goldust, Bryan And Big E. Langston Vs. The Shield

Fandango chops Khali. Khali hits a chop to the head. He slams Fandango's head into the corner and hits a chest chop. He takes Fandango to another corner and hits another chest chop. Fandango goes to the apron and kicks Khali. He strikes Khali in the corner and charges. Khali puts a boot up. Khali lands a pair of clotheslines. Summer gets up on the apron to distract Khali. Fandango takes Khali's legs out. Summer and Natalya start fighting. Their fight spews into the ring and the ref calls for the bell.

No Contest

Khali hits Fandango with a big chop to the head after the match. Then, Summer and Fandango escape up the ramp.

Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Daniel Bryan and Big E. Langston vs. The Shield and Randy Orton

Ambrose and Cody start off. Cody kicks Ambrose in the corner. He whips Ambrose into another corner and then works on his arm. Goldust comes in and drops a forearm. He strikes Ambrose several times. Cody comes back in with a punch to the back. Cody tosses him outside.

Back from commercial and Langston hits Rollins with a belly to belly. Cody comes in and gets a quick pin attempt. He strikes Rollins in the head. Rollins comes back by dropping Cody's head into the center turnbuckle. Reigns comes in and slams Cody's head into the corner. He whips Cody and charges. Cody puts a boot up. Bryan comes in. He dragon screws Reigns and attacks his knee. Langston comes back in and drives his shoulder into Reigns's stomach. Goldust comes in and takes Reigns to the corner. He hits a few strikes and Reigns comes back by whipping Goldust. Goldust moves when Reigns charges and lands a crossbody from up top.

Cody comes in and Reigns is able to take Cody to his corner. Ambrose comes in and punches Cody in the corner. He drives his shoulder into Cody's gut and drags his face against the ropes. Orton comes in mounts Cody in the corner. He punches Cody a few times. Cody comes back and gets a pin attempt. He slams Orton to the mat and stomps his chest. Goldust comes in and hits corner strikes. Goldust gets a two count. Cody back in with head strikes and a pin attempt. Orton rakes Cody's face in the corner and tosses him on the ropes.

Orton tosses Cody outside. Ambrose comes in sends Cody into the barrier. He stomps Cody's chest. Orton comes back in and circles Cody. He drops a knee, but Cody rolls out of the way. Cody mounts Orton in the corner and punches him several times. Orton reverses out and hits an inverted headlock backbreaker. Cody rolls to the outside.

Back from commercial and Reigns hits Cody with a vertical Suplex. Ambrose comes in and hits a shot to the gut. Rollins comes in and stomps on Cody's back. Cody fights back with a shot to the head. He tries to crawl between Rollins's legs. Rollins drags him to his corner and Ambrose comes in. Ambrose charges and Cody puts a boot up. Reigns comes in and Cody hits a dropkick. Rollins comes in and leaps off the top rope. Cody hits a shot to the stomach and tags in Goldust. Goldust hits his uppercut. Reigns tags in and takes it to Goldust.

Ambrose back in with a headbutt. He drives his shoulder into Goldust's stomach repeatedly. Rollins comes back in briefly. Orton comes in and kicks Goldust to the mat. Reigns comes in. He and Rollins try to double team, but Goldust hits a double springboard back elbow. Bryan comes in and kicks Orton off the apron. He attacks Ambrose and then kicks Reigns and Rollins off the apron. Bryan attacks Ambrose again and then hits Orton with a dive. He goes up top and hits Ambrose with a missile dropkick.

Bryan hits several kicks and locks in the Yes Lock. Reigns breaks the submission and Langston takes Reigns out. The heels and faces take turns taking each other out with big moves. Cody eventually comes out on top by hitting Reigns and Rollins with a dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Bryan goes for a corner dropkick but Ambrose moves. Orton tags in and hits his draping DDT. He signals for the RKO. Langston comes in and Orton tries to RKO him. Langston shoves Orton into Bryan's flying knee to the head for the win.

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Big E. Langston, Cody Rhodes and Goldust

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