'WWE Hell In A Cell' Results, Live Coverage And Your Feedback

Winner: Damien Sandow

- We go backstage to Renee Young, who is reading some Hell In a Cell tweets. The fans voted on Facebook and Mr. Hell In a Cell is The Undertaker with 81% of the vote.

- We get more hype for tonight's matches.

- The 2013 WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view kicks off with hype for tonight's matches. Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler are our announcers.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: The Usos vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust. The Usos are out next. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come through the crowd without Dean Ambrose. A brawl starts to kick this one off.

Lots of back and forth and tags. Rollins works over Goldust now. Rollins comes back in from beating up Goldust and covers for a 2 count. Goldust fights out of a headlock but Rollins knocks Cody off the apron. Reigns tags in and they keep Goldust in their corner. 2 count by Reigns. Goldust fights out of a hold and backslides Reigns for 2. Reigns comes right back with a big elbow to the face for another pin attempt.

Fans chant for Goldust as he makes a comeback but Reigns shuts him back down. Goldust drops Reigns with a DDT. Rollins tags in and dropkicks Cody off the apron. Goldust back drops Rollins and tries to tag but Cody is down on the floor. Reigns tags back in. Goldust sends him to the floor by pulling the top rope down. Reigns pulls one of the Usos off the apron as Goldust went to make a tag. Reigns goes back to work on Goldust and slams him for a 2 count as Cody breaks the pin. Cody unloads on Reigns as there's no disqualification in this one with Triple Threat rules. Cody is backed out of the ring by the referee. Reigns grabs Goldust and whips him hard into the corner. Reigns taunts Cody and runs his mouth to Goldust. Reigns throws Goldust into the corner and continues taunting him.

Reigns calls Goldust an old man and tells him to get up. Goldust catches Reigns in a big powerslam. Goldust finally tags Cody in. He takes Rollins out with a dropkick and takes Reigns off the apron. Cody with more offense and a 2 count. Lots more back and forth with everyone out on the floor at two different times. The end comes when Goldust assists and Cody nails Cross Rhodes on Rollins for the win.

Winners: Goldust and Cody Rhodes

- We see Shawn Michaels and Triple H backstage talking.

- They air a promo for John Cena's Fast Lane app.

- We go to the ring and out comes The Miz.

Miz says Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family have stalked him for weeks, talking about what they did to him on SmackDown. Miz says he's not cleared to wrestle tonight but that doesn't mean he can't fight. Miz tells Bray to get off his Cracker Barrel rocking chair and come fight. He says to leave Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, just come fight. The Wyatt Family entrance starts up. We see Bray sitting in a rocking chair singing something to himself. Wyatt says it pains him to see Miz like this - broken and disheveled like a man who has nothing to lose. Wyatt says Miz's words mean less than salt to him. If Miz could only see the monster behind Bray's eyes. Bray laughs and the lights go back out. They come on and Miz is fighting off Rowan and Harper. He fights them off at first but gets beat down and double teamed. Pyro goes off and out comes Kane.

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