'WWE Hell In A Cell' Results, Live Coverage And Your Feedback

They trade uppercuts in the middle of the ring. Bryan takes control and unloads on Orton. Bryan takes Orton to the top and nails a hurricanrana. Bryan climbs back up and nail the big headbutt for a 2 count. More back and forth. Bryan applies the Yes Lock. Bryan takes Orton to the floor and runs him into the steel several times. Bryan brings a steel chair from under the ring and hits Orton in the gut with it. Bryan with chair shots to the back now. Bryan brings out several more chairs and starts tossing them into the ring.

Fans chant ECW as Bryan fills the ring with chairs. HBK tries to talk him out of it, it appears. Bryan tells him to get out of his way it sounds like. Bryan with another chair shot to Orton's back. They come back in the ring. Orton blocks a chair shot and unloads on Bryan with a chair. Orton covers for a 2 count. Orton with a big chair shot to the back and another 2 count. Orton with another chair shot and pin attempt as HBK tries to calm him it looks like. Orton puts all the chairs into one pile in the middle of the ring. Orton takes Bryan to the top for a superplex as the fans cheer. Bryan tries to fight him off. Bryan knocks Orton to his feet. Orton crotches Bryan on the top turnbuckle. Orton climbs back up and superplexes Bryan onto the pile of chairs. Bryan's legs hit but his back really didn't hit the center of the pile.

Bryan kicks out at 2. Triple H comes down and is met with an "asshole" chant from the fans. Triple H argues with HBK from outside of the Cell. Orton has control of Bryan and tosses him with a suplex. Orton covers but HBK isn't there because he's arguing with Triple H. This leads to more arguing. Orton joins in on the argument. They go back in the ring and Bryan goes for the Yes Lock. Orton fights him off and nails the second rope draping DDT. Triple H is trying to get HBK's attention by climbing the Cell. Bryan blocks a RKO and inadvertently shoves Orton into Michaels. HBK is down. Triple H and a trainer enter the Cell to check on HBK. Fans boo.

Bryan lays Orton out with the knee and pins him for longer than 3 but there is no referee. Bryan tries to wake HBK up but Triple H shoves Bryan to the mat. Bryan charges and takes out Triple H. HBK stumbles to his feet and nails Sweet Chin Music on Bryan. Orton takes advantage and covers Bryan for the win.

Winner and New WWE Champion: Randy Orton

- After the bell, HBK immediately heads to the back. Orton celebrates with his WWE Title as Triple H begins to get up and look around. Hell In a Cell goes off the air.

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