WWE Monday Night RAW Results - The Randy Orton Celebration, The Wyatts Attack, More

Winners: The Shield

- Still to come, Orton's celebration. Up next, Shawn Michaels will explain his actions at Hell In a Cell. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and here comes Shawn Michaels to a mixed reaction. Shawn says he owes everyone an explanation but more importantly he owes Daniel Bryan one. Shawn asks Bryan to come to the ring so he can explain his action. Fans start chanting "yes!" and pop big time when Bryan makes his way out.

Shawn says he didn't intend for that to happen last night. A "you sold out" chant starts up. Shawn says he called the match down the middle and then all hell broke loose. Shawn says he saw what Bryan did to Triple H. Shawn says Triple H is his best friend. He knows fans and Bryan don't like him but that will never change. Shawn says he and Triple H's friendship will always supersede what goes on in this line of work. Shawn talks about how Triple H has always been there for him. Shawn says he needed him last night and Shawn was there. Shawn asks Bryan to accept his apology and shake his hand. Fans chant "no" as Shawn puts his hand out. Shawn brings up training Bryan years ago and says he took it farther than he imagined. Shawn says he just took Bryan to finishing school last night. Shawn says if Bryan wants to make it, he has to know that you can't trust anyone - not Shawn, his soon-to-be wife or anyone. Shawn says he's come out here tonight and humbled himself. He asks Bryan to show him the respect he deserves and shake his hand. Bryan shakes his head no. Shawn calls Bryan a self righteous little puke and loses his cool now. Shawn says he has stuck up for Bryan for months now and he just doesn't know or care any more. Shawn says he is an A+ player, always has been and always will be. Shawn says he is Shawn Michaels. He tells Bryan to shake his hand again. Bryan shakes Shawn's hand but pulls him to the mat and applies the Yes Lock. HBK taps but Bryan won't let go. Referees run out and pull Bryan off HBK. A "you tapped out" chant starts now. Bryan's music hits and he leaves as referees check on Shawn, who is trying to recover from the attack.

- Still to come tonight, The Randy Orton Celebration. Also, Kane will make his return to RAW. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Renee Young is backstage with Daniel Bryan. She asks him about getting frustrated but sees something and starts to back away from him. The lights go out, The Wyatt Family graphic flashes and then the lights come back on, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are beating down Daniel Bryan around the backstage area. Bray Wyatt picks Bryan up, says the devil made him do it, and drops Bryan with Sister Abigail. Wyatt rams a production case into Bryan's face and busts him open. Bryan is left shaking and bleeding.

Handicap Match: 3MB vs. Los Matadores

We go to the ring and out comes Los Matadores with El Torito. All three members of 3MB are out next and they have a extra large fish net with them. Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre tag to keep Matadores grounded early on. Jinder Mahal comes in for some triple teaming. Drew with a 2 count on Matadores.

The end comes when McIntyre accidentally boots Mahal off the apron. Drew drops one of the Matadores. Slater tries to catch Torito with the fish net but falls on his face. Torito runs under the ring. Slater goes for him but gets sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher. Torito comes out and goes Slater. Matadores hit a double team move on McIntyre for the win.

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