TNA Impact Results (W/ Video): Championship Tournament Set, Angle Vs. Roode, More

Tonight is Impact's Halloween special episode, coming from Salt Lake City.

We get a recap of last week's action, including Kurt Angle and Bobby Roodes fight, Bully Ray's failure to win back the World Title and AJ walking out of TNA with the World Title.

ODB vs Gail Kim and Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle is announced for later tonight.

Dixie Carter comes out with a mic and says that last wee AJ showed his lack of vision and his mental aptitude with his ridiculous decision. She says that nobody walks out on Dixie Carter. From here on out, AJ does not exist to Dixie and he is longer the world champion. She says that he can take the world title and the car, because Dixie does not want it back. She says that AJ is currently going trailer to trailer trick or treating saying he is the world champion. She says that he is no different then the other millions of kids pretending to be world champ.

She says they need a real world champion, someone who looks good and can make the company bigger then it already is. She announces an eight man tournament for the world title. She has already chosen seven former world champions for the tournament.

Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, James Storm, Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, Robert Roode and Chris Sabin come out onto the stage. We get a little recap of each man winning the world title while they are introduced by Dixie.

Dixie says that there is one man missing from the tournament. Bully Ray and Brooke come out and Bully has a mic in his hand. Dixie asks to cut the music, and announces that there will be a gauntlet match to determine the final man in the tournament. Bully says Dixie forgot about him, and wonders how he can win the world title back if he isn't in the world title tournament.

Dixie says that Bully is the man who lost twiced to AJ, and that he is the man who caused all this trouble in the first place. Bully says those were not his fault, and he blames Hebner and Anderson. Anderson's music hits and he hits the ring and beats on Bully. Anderson stomps away on Bully while security comes in to break it up and we go to commercials.

We come back and we get a recap of Bully and Anderson fighting in the ring. We see Brooke yelling and Anderson in the back, but then Bully runs in from behind and takes Anderson out with a chain. Anderson is handcuffed and Bulyl stomps away at him. Bully says that Anderson is too stupid to stay away, and that he is nothing without Bully. Anderson is really selling the beating.

The cameras catch up to Garrett and they ask about Anderson. Garrett says that club business is club business and Knux comes in and says he has a big opportunity tonight.

Gunner and James Storm come out for a rematch from BFG to try and get their tag titles back.
The Bromans are out next.

Match for the World Tag Team Champions Bromans vs Gunner and James Storm

Gunner and Storm meet the Bromans on the ramp and beat them into the ring. Gunner and Robbie start the match and Gunner lays out Robbie. Gunner hits a slingshot suplex for a two count and tags in Storm. They hit a double elbow and Storm hits a knee drop. Robbie tags in Jesse, but Storm hits a double clothesline on the Bromans.

Storm chops away at Jesse and tags in Gunner. They hit a russian leg sweep/clothesline combo for a two count. Gunner pounds away on Jesse on the corner. Gunner hits an elbow for a two count, and stags in Storm who hits a fist drop off the second rope to the mid secion. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm but Robbie breaks up the cover. Robbie hits a necbreaker on Storm for a two count and Gunner comes in and lays him out.

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