TNA Impact Results (W/ Video): Championship Tournament Set, Angle Vs. Roode, More

Jesse and Robbie double team Gunner and throw him out of the ring. Robbie and Gunner brawl on the outside and Storm hits a stabber. He goes for the superkick, but Robbie pulls Jesse out of the ring. Storm tries to suplex Jesse into the ring, but Robbie yanks Storms leg down. Jesse lands on top of Storm and Robbie holds down his leg for the three count.

Winners and STILL Tag Champions: Bromans

We see Dixie talking to Sting in the back. Dixie says she is going to lift the ban on Sting for contending for the title just for tonight, and Sting is going to be the first guy in the gauntlet tonight. Sting says he has never had a sense of entitlement. Dixie is confused by that statement and asks if that means yes. We then go to commercials.

We are back and we get a recap from BFG and EY and Joseph Parks/Abyss feuding with Bad Influence.

In the back, Bad Influence are dressed as Sherlock Holmes and they are looking at a camerman and deduce that his life is sad. They say they are looking to solve the mystery of the monster Abyss and were the TV title is.

EC3 is out for a match against the same jobber he faced at BFG.

Ethan Carter III vs Norv

They start and EC3 kills him with a single strike. EC3 picks Norv up and chops him into the corner. He throws him into another corner and chops him again. He continues to beat down Norv into the corner and whips him back into the turnbuckle. EC3 hits a T-bone suplex and taunts the crowd. Norv hits a jawbreaker, but EC3 locks in a sleeper hold. Norv tries to fight out and hits a dropkick to the back. He then hits a springboard cross body for a one count. EC3 catches him with a facebuster and hits the headlock driver for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

EC3 has a mic and says that he is EC3. He says that he is a Carter, and that the world needs them.

We see Roode talking to a doctor backstage. They review Angle's injury from BFG, and Roode says that it has only been seven days, and that he is looking out for Kurt's safety. He just wants to be sure that Angle is medically cleared for tonight.

The gauntlet is on next, with Sting walking to the ring as we go to commercials.

We come back and ODB is in the back talking about her rematch tonight. Bad Influence come by still in Sherlock Holmes character and and say she is smuggling jack-o-lanterns under her shirt. They ask if she knows anything about Abyss, and EY comes by and says that it is Halloween, a monster favorite holiday, and there is no telling what can happen.

Sting and Kazarian come out for the gauntlet match.

Gauntlet match for the final slot in the World Championship Tournament

Despite it being called a gauntlet match, the match will be an over the top rope battle royal, with someone else coming in every two seconds. Sting and Kaz square off with Kaz getting the quick advantage. Kaz hits a flying clothesline and taunts Sting. Sting hits a clothesline and knocks Kaz into the buckle and hits a backdrop. He kicks away at Kaz and hits a suplex. Kaz sticks a finger in Sting's eye and tries to get Sting over the rop. Sting tosses him off and hits some punches to the gut.

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