TNA Impact Results (W/ Video): Championship Tournament Set, Angle Vs. Roode, More

The timer goes off and Knux is out next. Kaz and Sting trade blows as we go to commercial.

We come back and Sting, Kaz and Knux are all in the ring. Eric Young is out next. Kaz goes right at him, but EY hits a belly-to-belly suplex. EY wails away on Kux and jumps off the turnbuckle to go back to Kaz. He hits the 10 punches on Kaz an monkey flips him off. Ey tries to dump Kaz out while Sting misses a splash in the corner on Knux. Kaz and Knux work together to try and dump EY out. EY fights out and goes after Kaz and throws him into the turnbuckle.

The timer winds down and Daniels is out next. EY tosses Kaz over the top, but Daniels catches Kaz and puts him back in the ring. Daniels and Kaz double team EY and beat him down, while Sting tries to get Knux out. Daniels beats on Sting and Knux and Kaz take turns on kicking EY down in the corner. Sting hits a double suplex on Bad Influence. We then go to commercial.

We come back and all th men are still in the ring. Manik is out next. He comes in with a springboard cross body to Kaz and then a spinning kick to Daniels. He hits a dual dropkick off the top on Bad Influence. Manik tries to dump Daniels out, white Sting and Knux duke it out. EY and Sting double team Knux. Kaz kicks Manik down. Kaz tries to dump Manik out, but Manik skins the cat and hits a head scissors take down on Kaz.

Magnus is out next and he unloads on Bad Influence. He hits a double clothesline on Bad Influence, but Knux hits a cross body on Magnus. Knux works on Manick but Manik hits a headsicissors on Knux and takes him over the top. Daniels hits him off the apron with an elbow and takes Manik out. Daniels then dropkicks EY and he goes over the top.

Bad Influence and Sting and Magnus are next. Magnus hits a suplex on Daniels and tries to toss him out, but Kaz saves him and they double Magnus. Sting aids Magnus and Magnus hits a clothesline on Daniels. Magnus tosses Daniels out while Sting tries to push Kaz over. Magnus swoops over and lifts up Sting over the top, taking Kaz with him.

Winner and 8th man in the tournament: Magnus

After the match Sting and Magnus stare at each other. The tournament will begin next week.

Angle is shown talking to the doctor in the back. Angle walks away and the cameraman asks what the doctor said. Angle says that doctor said it would be in Kurt's best interest to take the night off, but he is medically cleared, and he is going to kick Roode's ass.

The Knockouts match is up next.

Dixie is asked in the back about Magnus winning the gauntlet. She says it is great, and that she is really excited about announcing the brackets for the tournament, and something else called "The Wheel of Dixie."

ODB is out first, followed by the champion Gail Kim. Kim is escorted by Lei'd Tapa.

Knockouts Title Match: ODB vs Gail Kim

The bell rings and ODB takes down Gail and hammers away with right hands. She throws Gail into the turnbuckle and hits a big chop. She whips Gail hard into the corner, and hits a splash. ODB goes for the bronco buster, but Gail gets out of the ring. ODB goes out and gets her and throws her back into the ring. Gail gets back out and hits a kick. ODB shakes it off and hits a fall-away slam on the outside.

ODB throws Gail back into the ring and Tapa distracts ODB. Gail hits a dropkick which knocks ODB to the floor. Kim looks to get a count-out win, but ODB makes it in at nine. Gail takes ODB over and locks in the figure four through the ring post. She covers ODB for a two count. ODB gets back up and tries to fight out, but eats a clothesline from Gail for a two count.

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