- David Shoemaker appeared on FOX & Friends to discuss his new book, The Squared Circle. During the interview, Shoemaker told some stories about Andre The Giant and also discussed Randy Savage's relationship with Elizabeth. In a point that is becoming so terribly outdated, Shoemaker noted that while match outcomes are predetermined, the injuries and pain that the wrestlers suffer is real. You can watch the segment in the video above.

- After soaring over 9% yesterday, WWE stock is up another 2.39% today. Investors obviously see a major windfall with the company's television rights fees for RAW and SmackDown coming up early next year.

- Chris Bevilacqua referred to WWE as "a hidden gem" on Forbes SportsMoney earlier today, and said that the television landscape was completely different from the last time that WWE negotiated their rights fees with companies now paying huge sums for sports content. Bevilacqua noted that the company has a very loyal audience with a strong social media following.

In terms of "gross ratings points," Bevilacqua noted that WWE is triple the size of NASCAR, which recently inked a deal with NBC worth $4.5 billion over ten years. It was noted that the only sports property larger than WWE - in terms of viewership - is the NFL. Bevilacqua feels that WWE could be getting 4-6 times their current $140 million / year in rights fees. Fox Sports 1, Netflix and Google were named potential bidders for WWE's next deal, although it was noted that Netflix and Google weren't likely.

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