WWE Smackdown Recap W/ Video: John Cena, Rhodes & Goldust Vs. Sandow & Real Americans

WWE Smackdown Recap W/ Video: John Cena, Rhodes & Goldust Vs. Sandow & Real Americans

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John Cena comes out. He says he is excited to be back on Smackdown and talks about how he beat Del Rio and defended against Sandow. He says that he is going to be on Smackdown a lot more now thanks to the World Heavyweight Championship. He says he is putting everyone on notice and the champ is here. If anyone wants some, come get some.

The Real Americans come out on the stage. Colter says he wants to congratulate Cena and thank him for beating Del Rio thereby sending him one step closer to sneaking back over the border. Colter says unlike the people in the crowd who have no morals, Cena has a lot in common with the Real Americans. He calls him a real American patriot and legend. Colter invites him to join the Real Americans, to join their fight.

They say We The People as a show of respect to Cena and then asks him what it's going to be. Cena does the You Can't See Me sign. Cena says we the people? I see three dumb people. He says Swagger looks like Biff from Back To The Future.

Cena says Cesaro has been impressive lately but can't concentrate on anything except his big nipples. He then compares them to pizza and says it's not delivery, it's Cesaro.

Cena says that Colter looks like he wandered into a soup kitchen with the guys from Duck Dynasty. He then says that they're full of BS. He then tells Cesaro that in America, BS stands for bad stuff. He says the Real American way is to march away from him or there will be repercussions.

Damien Sandow comes out with an angry look on his face. He says that Cena doesn't know the first thing about American values. He says that in America, you create your own opportunities. Sandow says that Cena wouldn't know anything about that because he has been handed everything in the WWE. He calls Cena a false champion. Despite what Cena or anyone else thinks, he's still the uncrowned world champion. He tells Cena to look him in the eyes and says that from this point on, his sole mission in life is to end the Cena era in WWE and he will do it by any means necessary.

The heels start surrounding Cena and Goldust and Cody Rhodes come out to even up the numbers. The Real Americans and Sandow exit the ring. Vickie comes out and makes a six person tag match.

Then, The Shield is shown. They say they're getting sick of The Usos. They say they're not threats, they're just speed bumps. The Shield can beat any tag team on the planet. Ambrose says he is going to speak up for The Shield and that tonight, justice will be served. Reigns looks at Rollins a bit offended, and then says believe in The Shield.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (with Roman Reigns) vs. The Usos

Ambrose and Jimmy start off. They chain wrestle briefly. Ambrose hits a shoulder knockdown. Jimmy comes back and hits some offense. Jey comes in and Ambrose fights him long enough to tag in Rollins. Jey sends Rollins to the corner. He charges, but Rollins moves. Rollins stomps Jey on the mat and drives his boot into his throat. He then kicks Jey in the corner. Rollins charges him in the corner. Jey backdrops him to the outside, but Ambrose tags in. Ambrose knees Jey in the gut and hits Jimmy off the apron. Reigns advances on Jimmy and Big E. Langston comes out. He stares Reigns and Rollins down.

Back from commercial and Ambrose is in control of Jey. He has Jey's arm locked in. Jey fights to his feet, but Ambrose keeps the offense up. Rollins comes in and strikes Jey in the corner. He whips Jey into another corner and hits a flying forearm. Rollins goes up top and leaps off, but Jey counters into a Samoan drop. Jimmy and Ambrose get tagged in. Jimmy has hits multiple kicks and strikes. He hits Ambrose with the Rikishi running butt bump for a two count. Jimmy hits a pair of kicks to the head. Rollins breaks up the pin attempt.

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