Source: Wrestling 101

Wrestling 101 recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Harry Smith. Here are a few highlights:

What Vince McMahon was like as a boss: "He was all about just making money of course, and that's business. But I don't really think he cares too much personally about the Superstars, maybe only a few. I don't really think he gives a s--t unless you're making money. He's been smart in the past and lasted through the wars with WCW, and he has a way of always creating new things for the business, so in that sense he's good. I guess it is what it is and he is just being the boss, I guess you can say he's an evil genius."

TNA: "I could maybe see myself doing some work with TNA in the future, I don't think I'll do anything with WWE, but I would definitely be open to do some stuff with TNA. There is a lot of great talent in TNA that I've never had the chance to work with and that I would be more interested in working with than WWE guys. I'm not knocking any of the WWE guys I'm just saying I've never worked with guys like, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus or AJ Styles. I think Bobby Roode is a great talent as well... It's just more interesting because I've not worked with those guys before so TNA is a possibility but WWE I don't think so."

If his father will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame: "I don't know, I really don't know, hopefully I will be around wrestling for a long time to come so it could happen in the next ten years, but I honestly don't know. I would like to see Owen get inducted, but I don't think that will happen, his wife Martha would no way agree to it and I understand thats her deal and she's entitled to that."

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